Episode Synopsis:

While on a day hike, Jess and Robby discover something unexpected about their relationship. Also, Winston throws a surprise welcome home party for Aly. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece fail to impress their new neighbors.


Aly is finally back home, and Winston is so excited! He tells the gang, that he’s planning on inviting her whole family, in order to surprise her. He was thinking about hosting it in the loft, but Cece offers to host it at her and Schmidt’s house. Cut to Schmidt and Cece’s house, and the two decide that there won’t be any rules when the guests come. They couldn’t have been more wrong about their decision, because Aly’s family goes “wild” and eats and uses everything in sight! Thankfully, at the end of the episode, the couple grow some balls, and tell everyone to take off their shoes and put them aside. I’m really growing to like Schmidt and Cece as a married couple. They really came together in this episode, and found out that hosting a party could be difficult. And Aly is right, those two are rarely not seen together. On the other end of this party, Winston is super nervous to meet Aly’s parents. He wants to make a good impression, and tries out a few greetings on Nick. All the introductions are incredibly awkward, and Nick tells him to calm down. Also, Winston tells Nick to tell Aly’s family some good stories about him, including the one where he fell asleep in the bathtub. So during the party, Nick tries to impress Aly’s family, by telling a really exaggerated story, where Winston seemed liked a hero. As the party continues, things get even worse, when Aly starts a fight with her sister, and is horrified when she notices Winston watching her. Eventually, things start looking up when Winston gives a funny toast and makes a fool out himself in front of Aly’s parents. They notice that Winston is passionate about Aly, and the party ends up being a success. I’m so happy for Aly and Winston. They’re so cute together and they totally get each other. *Spoiler alert*🚨: Winston is going to try to propose to Aly in the next episode, and I’m so excited about it! These characters are really maturing, and those two are going to make a great husband and wife.


Jess and Robby decide to go hiking. And at this point, there sameness, was too much to bare. They agree about everything, and while they are on their hike, things take a turn. While trying to find a waterfall, Robby ends up running into a tree, his glasses end up falling off, and he steps on them. While him and Jess are trying to find his glasses, Jess ends up hurting her ankle. Now the couple are in even worse shape. And to top it all off, it starts down pouring, causing them to go into a cave. While they wait for the rain to stop, Robby makes a comment about a relative of his, with the last name, Wallingford. Jess remarks that she has Wallingford’s in her family too, and then they eventually realize that they are related. Yuck! After talking about their family, they find out that they are 3rd cousins and they are utterly grossed out. As was I. They finally leave the park, Robby drives Jess to Cece and Schmidt’s house and they say their goodbyes. These two are finally broken up! Also, we can’t leave out that during their hike, they comment about how they both eat just the peanuts and chocolate in their trail mix, and leave the raisins. And what got me excited, was that when Jess walks into Cece and Schmidt’s house, she talks to Nick, and the trail mix is brought up once again. Jess comments that she hates raisins, but we find out that Nick loves raisins. Now this is a sign. These two were meant for each other. These two compliment each other. Now we just need to scoot Reagan out of the picture, which I hope happens soon.