The exciting season 9 of The Walking Dead reached it’s conclusion and I have to say I have enjoyed this season. Also enjoy the teaser for next season. So the Kingdom finally fell, it got overturned with fire, cold and rot so they have to take off. Daryl keeps tabs on Lydia like she is a little sister, he gives her a plate of food and says to make sure she has energy to help get everyone to The Hilltop.

The Kingdom takes off, along with people from The Hilltop and Alexandria to help with the move. It appears that Yumiko is now some sort of council leader or something at The Hilltop. Michonne tries to find out what is going on and if Maggie has responded to any letters, Maggie hasn’t and the council can’t come up with an agreement on the status of The Hilltop. Aldon gives Lydia some crap after seeing some walkers and asking if her people are still watching them. Daryl sticks up for her and telling people to lay off. Carol has a hard time looking at Lydia and Daryl tells her that Lydia is a good kid, Carol says she can’t look at her because she sees (Henry), Daryl asks her what she sees when she looks at him. Carol says she sees him, Ezekiel sees the two talking close with Carol touching Daryl’s arm and is a little jealous.

Ezekiel gets Daryl alone and asks him to leave Carol and Ezekiel at The Hilltop to start over again, Daryl seems a bit taken aback. While this is going on Lydia goes to commit suicide by walker bite Carol catches her and stops her. The group stops at Sanctuary for the night and to make a new plan, they have to get to the next weigh station or they will be snowed in, so the group decides they have to cross through Alpha’s borders to get there.

The snow is getting worse and walkers are frozen stiff, you can hear them but they can’t move. They have to cross a frozen lake and have to abandon the horses and wagons and go one at a time across so it doesn’t break. Lydia ran off again in the commotion and Carol went to look after her again. Lydia tells Carol to kill her, that things won’t change as long as she is with the group. She knows that she is right, Henry is dead because of her. It wasn’t easy but Carol kills a walker and the two go back with the others, Carol tells Lydia she is not weak.

At Alexandria, the power wasn’t working, so everyone had to go bunk up at houses with fireplaces. Negan even got let out and had some fun at Gabriel’s expense, being a father not the father. He smells something funny and Eugene knows what it is and stops Siddiq and Father Gabriel from the exploding fireplace. Since they can’t stay at the house, they had to go to Aaron’s house in a huge storm. Judith lost Daryl’s dog and heard the dog barking on the way so she took off looking for dog. Nobody else went after her so Negan took off for Judith, Negan got side swiped by some wood and hurt his leg.


Negan is a star and saves Judith and Dog, their dynamic together is so great. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Fast forwarding some of the things after, the Kingdom group arrives to The Hilltop. Carol breaks up with Ezekiel and says they will be heading to Alexandria. Lydia tells Daryl that it looks nice in Alexandria and wants to know why Daryl left, he said he will tell her someday. Michonne catches up with Negan, thanks him for saving Judith, Negan says Judith is a special person and Michonne has been through enough. They talk about the Kingdom falling, they talk about Whisperers, Negan says that nobody ever thinks they are the evil one.

Ezekiel and Judith chat over the radio’s, after they are done talking they both leave the rooms, and we hear a voice on the radio at The Hilltop. With some help of closed captioning we know it’s a female’s voice saying something along the lines of, “hello, is anyone out there on the open airwaves.”