This episode brings us back to the last episode of the previous season, where Alicia is locked up in the bunker. She takes a little time to let the reality kick in and then she starts to explore the bunker area. It has water, it has lights, and then she makes her way to the armory when someone comes up behind with a gun and leads her to a big conference room. The guy wants to feed her to a walker attached to a tree and someone stops him and asks if she is Alicia Clarke? His name is Arno and says that she is the one they have been waiting for that will lead them.

Back to the current situation all of Alicia’s people are leaving fast, leaving all the supplies as about a hundred walkers come up over the ridge to them. Everyone gets to a safe spot in the morning and they hydrate and Alicia and Morgan get to do some talking. Morgan tells her that the camp is over with. Alicia asks to get the Senator, which is a walker, nobody knows why exactly she is keeping this walker alive.

Flashing back, Alicia takes an ax to the blast door and getting nowhere, some guy named Will approaches her, tells her that you can’t get out that way, and how he lived here before the assholes found it. She asked him if their is another way out, and he says maybe. Will tells her that he has been living down here since the beginning with Senator Vasquez. The survivors found the entrance and ended up killing everyone inside besides him, only because he was working on something elsewhere and he hid, and has continued to hide ever since. She asked again if he has tried to escape and he reminded her he has never been above ground once this started.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Back to current again, Alicia tells Morgan she needs his help in finding Padre, a place where everyone can be safe and they can build up resources. Morgan asks Alicia that he, pointing to the walker, will lead them there? She says yes, and he wants to know how and all she says is she can’t explain and nobody else gets it but she needs him to trust her. Dwight leads the people away and will also try to draw Strands group away, as the Senator walker, Alicia and Morgan(in walker guts) wander off in a new direction, where Alicia hopes the Senator leads them to Padre.

Flashing back to the bunker, Arno gives Alicia her weapon back, we also see this must have been the Senator’s quarters as it has a big Top Secret binder called P.A.D.R.E. (Rebuilding our Country’s Future) in there. Arno gets a message that they found a straggler, which is Will. Alicia saves Will from being fed to the walker, saying Teddy was right she will lead them and it starts now that nobody will be returned to the earth. Arno backs her up and makes the men let Will go. Alicia has everyone else leave the room as she talks to Will. Will is shook because this is the first walker he has seen and it was of the Senator. Alicia asks about Padre, if it was on Padre island or if he knows where it was, but it turns out only the Senator was aware of it’s location.

Alicia is fading a bit she says she hasn’t had a meal in a week, and hasn’t sleep in twice as long, and it’s 100 degrees out she is sweating and looking rough, but to make matters worse Strands men are shooting at them. The men are trying to kill Morgan, but the Senator walker is going to be in the crossfire and Alicia risks herself to save the walker but not before it had it’s armed shot off. They went to the edge of some cliff and Alicia throws the walker over the edge and jumps in after talking with Strand, Alicia jumps in the water and shortly after Morgan jumps in as well. They are able to save the walker and themselves. Morgan wants Alicia to help him make sure everyone is safe and someone to help balance him out. Alicia wants to find Padre and Morgan just wants her to come back because they don’t even know that Padre exists and she says they do know it exists.

Morgan doesn’t understand why they are following some walker, and Alicia insists that the walkers have some sort of echo of their past self. Morgan goes on that it’s not true, he thought the same thing and then he lost his son because of it. Morgan is tired of Alicia risking her life for this walker and he doesn’t understand why she is asking him to risk his life for this walker. Morgan is ready to kill it when Strands soldiers catch back up to them again.

Back again to the bunker, Alicia, Will and the walker try to escape via the tunnels by having the senator follow rats. Alicia apologizes to Will for not remembering how the walkers used to be alive. He says maybe he was sent here to remind her of the fact. After a little time the tunnel caves in around Alicia.

That was a quick flashback as Alicia and Morgan are now captured while the soldiers ask why they are fighting over the skinbag. Strand catches up and asks them to be let up, and he wants to know who this walker is and why are they fighting over it. Alicia tells Strand to stop making things worse than it already is. Alicia tells Strand she knows what he has now, and how he got it. Strand tells Alicia that Padre is a myth, she doesn’t want to go with him. So Strand tells the soldiers to kill Morgan and then kill the walker and then bring her. Alicia doesn’t want that at all and jumps in front of the walker and gets bit in the hand/wrist area. Strand calls everyone off, he says he didn’t want that to happen and she yells at him that they all need to leave now. He calls everyone off and leaves.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Back to the tunnel flashback, Alicia is pinned in, and the Senator walker turned around back towards Alicia. Will is trying to break through on his side, while Alicia tries to make a rubble wall to protect her from the walker. But the walker is able to break through the rubble wall. Alicia gets bit on the inner arm, she says it’s over Will, she was bit, she was able to kick him back and more rocks came down to protect her for now. Alicia is afraid that it’s spreading and she can’t hold on, and topside has nothing worth saving anyways. Will says she doesn’t have to build how Teddy wanted he can build it however she wants.

Jumping back to the current timeline, the day has now turned to night, Alicia and Morgan have built a fire, Morgan tells Alicia he is going to keep asking until he sees the bite to do something about it. Alicia unzips her little arm sling and shows that she has half an arm, with bones, and some sort of contraption for a hand. She lost her arm a long time ago. Morgan asks some more questions and said he will just wait until she is OK with explaining things on her own time. She tells Morgan she still needs to gut this walker and asks if he is with her.

Back to the tunnels, Alicia is telling Will all the things that could potentially happen, and if she starts to turn or if it has been to long he has to kill her. She gets her cut piece gun weapon and uses it to cut off her arm from the walker bite. Alicia was brought back by Will and Arno and some others helped save her. She is upset that she had a fever while she was passed out and is afraid that she didn’t get the infection in time and could have killed everyone.

Heading back to the current timeline the walker leads them to a big clearing and a rotating spotlight is in the distance. Alicia think that is Padre, but Morgan tells her it isn’t. The Senator walker ends up with all of the other walkers outside of Strands tower. Alicia finally comes clean to Morgan, saying that she didn’t get to the infection in time, it’s still inside her, she has tried to take antibiotics to stop it but nothing has worked. It’s only a matter of time before she loses, and she can’t be who Morgan needs her to be. Strand apologizes to Alicia, who says for once it wasn’t her fault. He asks what happened to her arm and she says it doesn’t matter, he asks where the walker is and she says it’s in his moat. Strand apologizes for not trusting Alicia and that she was right the walker led her to where she was supposed to be and her and her people can join like he invited them himself.

Morgan tells Alicia she can’t trust Strand, but Alicia is thinking that she doesn’t have much of a choice. With a quick flashback, Will left while Alicia was sleeping, he left a note saying he is sorry he couldn’t keep his promise, if he stayed it would remind her of a world that didn’t exist anymore. She will find her way and he will find his way. Alicia found walker Will outside of Strand’s tower. She asked if she knew him, where he came from, why would he do it. He says he did it to hurt her, because he needed to build the tower how he wanted, and he did it because he told Strand that he loved her. Alicia asks Strand how long they can hold out in the sub, Morgan says with everyone a week, two tops. Alicia says that’s enough, she tells Strand she is going to take the thing he cherishes most in life, the tower, and he says he will protect it if he must. So the first half of this season ends with Alicia telling him, ‘We are going to war.’