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How To Get Away With Murder 3×12: “Go Cry Somewhere Else”

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There were some interesting revelations on this week’s episode of HTGAWM.


– Frank loses
Wes while trailing him and calls Bonnie, who tells him not to hurt Wes.

– Wes escapes in
a cab and calls some mystery emergency contact, referring to himself as

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Bonnie
tries to get Frank and Annalise’s trials separate but the judge insists on a
separate hearing and, again, will not give Annalise bail.

– Annalise’s mom
and dad show up in court but Annalise is not able to see them before she’s
taken back to prison. They try to get Nate to help her but he says he can’t due
to his new position with the DA’s office.


– Laurel tries
to give a eulogy but ends up screaming at all the random people who showed up
that they are fake tragedy whores who have no right to be there crying and
pretending to care.

– The group
avoids Meggy like the plague.

– Oliver gets a
call from one of the detectives and agrees to talk to them.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Laurel sneaks
away from the memorial to go see Wes’s body but she isn’t allowed to.

– After going to
see Nate, who agrees to get her in, the two discover that the body in Wes’s bag
is NOT Wes.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Annalise has a
visit with her family where her mother, who is suffering from dementia, says she
is the one who burned down the house and she is ready to tell the police that
she did it. She is confused and actually referring to the house that she burned
down many years ago with Annalise’s abusive uncle inside.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– After being
prepped by Bonnie and the gang, Oliver is interviewed by the detective. She
asks if Annalise asked him to wipe any files the night of the murder and why he
went to the legal clinic after talking to Annalise at the scene. Oliver lies
successfully about everything.


– Nate confronts
them about Wes’s body and they claim that it’s been lost. They blame Nate for
taking Laurel to see the body because the misplaced body could screw up their
case against Annalise.


– Michaela takes
care of Laurel, who asks her if she thinks that Frank really did it because, if
not, the killer is still out there. In the morning, Michaela tells Laurel that
she’s set up a meeting between her and Frank.


-Momma Ophelia
visits again and leaves Annalise to work it out with her father, who knew about
the childhood abuse and ignored it. He doesn’t take responsibility for his part
in things. Annalise tells him that the trauma is part of why she’s ended up in
jail but he doesn’t accept that, instead calling her selfish for not working
hard as she can to get out and help her mother.

– Laurel visits
Frank in the hopes that she might figure out if he actually did it. She demands
to know Wes’s last words but Frank’s lawyer will not allow any more questions.
Laurel is now convinced that Frank did not kill Wes.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Atwood tells
the judge that Wes’s body is missing due to a “clerical error” and Bonnie
accuses them of misconduct and a violation of Annalise’s civil rights on the
basis of both her race and a personal vendetta against her. Still, the judge
denies Annalise bail, and Bonnie now believes that the judge is in on it.


– Annalise
accuses her cellmate (who is in prison for child neglect) of molesting her sons
and she beats up Annalise. She ends up in the prison hospital where Bonnie
visits and takes pictures of her beat up face, which she later takes to the
judge. Annalise’s plan works and she is FINALLY released on bail.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Oliver tells
Connor he saved a copy of Annalise’s phone.


– Laurel goes to
Wes’s place and finds it in complete disarray. She smells one of his shirts and
breaks down crying on the floor.


– Frank calls
Bonnie from prison and tells her he’s now representing himself.


– They accuse
Nate of having Wes’s body transferred and present him with paperwork with his
name and signature.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder


– Nate enters
the house looking for Annalise. Wes enters soon after, very much alive, and
they greet each other.

Source: How To Get Away From Murder

I don’t think that Nate is the answer to the question #WhoKilledWes but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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