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9-1-1 S3 E15 “Eddie Begins”

This week’s episode is all about Eddie. We finally get his backstory after so long. This is the Eddie before he went to war, before his wife died, and when Christopher was born. It seems that the trigger starts when he receives a medal while at the 118 and you hear the sounds of war playing in the background and then they are off to a rescue. But before that, we are pushed back in time to watch Christopher’s birth. He looks excited but happy to be a new father. We meet his family and his wife’s family and everyone seems happy. But there is a dark cloud hanging over everyone’s head and that is the fact that he has to go to war. We always knew that he was a veteran but we don’t know much about his tour or the events that happened after. We just learned why his wife left and then she was killed right after she asked Eddie for a divorce. After that, they didn’t touch on much more of his story.

Fast forward to the present day and the team is trying to rescue a boy who fell down a well. Much like baby Jessica did back in the ’80s. Coincidence, maybe. So, now they have to figure out how to rescue this little boy who is stuck 45 feet down in a well. They decide to dig a tunnel to get him out. I am not so sure about this episode. It was hard enough to go through it once but seeing it acted out is almost horrible. And of course, every obstacle you can think of is threatening to hinder their rescue and harm the little boy. So it’s a race against time. And I’m claustrophobic. But, anywho, his mom is also talking to him like baby Jessica’s mom talked her. Until Eddie takes over and calms the boy down along with his mom and the rain pours in, literally. Not only is it raining there’s is lightning that is also threatening the kid. Then Eddie gets the great idea to go down and save the boy.

Now we already know he gets trapped down in the hole with the boy because they showed us. All this was a prelude to the moment the show started with. We see Eddie screaming into his radio but no sign of the boy. The show continues to go back and forth between the past and the present. Shannon is mad because he reenlisted for the military, this is also after Christopher has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. There was a lot of hostility and hurt because he was trying to do the right thing by his family. So I don’t know if this is sort of a redemption mission for him or what. They suit him up and he is hoisted down into the hole. What could go wrong? Everything of course.

First Eddie loses signal and they can’t communicate and then he has to find the kid. Then Eddie decides to take matters into his own hands and risks his life without a thought to himself or Christopher. Well now we know why he is trapped and the little boy is slipping further down. We then begin to learn more about why Shannon left Eddie and her son because her mom has cancer and Eddie helicopter is shot down and they are taking fire. They then have to defend themselves from heavy fire as Eddie tries to rescue the wounded. It has become clear to me that Eddie’s backstory was filler for this episode. All that to say that he was indeed a hero who was wounded but still managed to bring everyone to safety.

Another new piece of information is that Shannon actually wanted Eddie to come with her and instead of telling her how he feels, he blows up at her and you can see she made a choice in that instant. She leaves Eddie and Christopher, but we already knew that we just didn’t know how it happened. Now we know, big whoop. Then we bounce back into the present and Chim was sent in after Eddie who managed to save the little boy and all is well in 9-1-1 or so we thought. Eddie, who cut his line is now indeed trapped. Lightning, mudslide, hole covered up. Now, let’s throw some more danger on top of that. The water is creeping in and the radio isn’t getting a signal. More back story, more back story not pertinent to the story. Meanwhile, he’s almost unconscious in a hole about to drown.

What happens next, I am gonna try and save myself. Sort of reminds me of the scene in “Tangled” when she found the way out with her hair. I am irritated. More flashbacks with the proverbial song playing in the background and a voiceover. All of his trials and tribulations we get to relive them all over. What’sup with all the filler, it’s cheating. The soul of these episodes is gone. Needless to say, he survives miraculously by swimming through the well and ending up in a small pond. He suffers hypothermia but is alive and we all laugh and go home.

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