Outlander Season 5 2020

Image Source: Syfy


Jamie and Roger implement their plan to eliminate the threat looming over them, but it goes awry; Brianna is forced to confront her greatest fear and fight for her and her son’s lives.


Well, Bonnet is finally dead, and Brianna got her sweet revenge. This episode was fairly slow, but it ended a storyline that needed to be dealt with. I’m glad that we didn’t get a lot of back and forth between Bree and the other storylines, and that it was mainly focused and took its time on the drama between Bonnet and Bree.

Before all the craziness, we got some nice moments between Bree and Claire. It was nice to see them join forces, to try to get materials to build another syringe, and to take the time to reminisce about their past. It was cute seeing them run on the beach, but sadly, it had to come to an end.

On the other spectrum, we got some funny moments between Jamie and Roger, when they were waiting for Bonnet. I’m happy that they’re on the same page now, and it was funny seeing Jamie watch Roger try to fight. Poor Roger did his best, but I love that Jamie told him that he didn’t intervene, because he was doing so well. Gotta love that Jamie Fraser sarcasm. I also liked that Jamie let Roger take the lead mostly when it came to finding Bree. He knows how important Bree is to him, so it was entertaining to watch Roger grill Wylie about Bonnet’s whereabouts.

The moments between Bree and Bonnet were quite bizarre in the beginning because it was weird seeing Bonnet act so sincerely towards Bree. Eventually, I realized that Bonnet was just being manipulative, but it was an interesting tactic to take. He seemed like he truly wanted to be with Bree and Jemmy, but we all know, that he was trying to use her to get to River Run. It was amusing to see that Bree tried to play Bonnet’s game, and played along with his sincerity, and it was smart on the writer’s part, to associate Bonnet with Moby Dick. We saw the whales at the beach, Bree told Bonnet of the tale of the man and the beast, and in the end, Bonnet took on a similar fate. But of course, in the end, the charade didn’t last. When Bree asked to get Jemmy, you could see that Bonnet knew that Bree was trying to escape. But it was peculiar that after Bonnet and Bree kissed, he had a total freak out. Just because she didn’t kiss him the right way, made him want to show her, what she was missing, by having sex with a prostitute? That moment was weird to me, but I guess it could have been a trigger moment for Bree to remember what he did to her. We see later, that Bonnet has been selling women to pervy men, and it was a smart move on his part, to sell Bree, but of course, his plan was foiled. He was kind of an idiot to bring Bree out in the open, and back to the same beach because he got caught by the rest of the gang. I wish there had been a little bit more drama when capturing Bonnet, because it seemed kind of easy, and I didn’t think we needed a slow-mo moment of Roger punching him to the ground. That made it seem hokey. But when we see that Bonnet was sentenced to death, by drowning, that made me happy. He deserved a slow death, but I was surprised that Bree ended up killing him. It was pretty awesome though when they showed a closeup of Bonnet’s face, and then you see the bullet go through his forehead. Bree had no mercy, and I’m sure there was finally a relief lifted from her shoulders. That’s how you deal with your demons.

We can’t forget the scene at River Run. Poor Jacosta almost got killed by Gerald Forbes, and thank god for Ulysses. He killed Gerald and saved her life. I mean, all she wanted to do was be nice, and give her loved ones some of her fortune, but Gerald had to have another agenda since he was working with Bonnet. I hope Ulysses doesn’t get in trouble for killing someone, but I don’t know if killing someone in self-defense or to help another, was in the law books at that time.