Drum roll, please!


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Last month, I had the utmost privilege of being the first ever guest on The T-Hud Popcast and it’s finally out for your enjoyment! Check it out Episode 31:


If you aren’t familiar with The T-Hud Popcast, I suggest you check them out ASAP! You can download all their episodes on Soundcloud right now! They have the same love and passion as the rest of us Nerds at TGON. It was amazing to walk into another nerd community and connect with more people who love the same things I do. The podcast started out with three friends who loved everything about movies, video gaming, and board games! Since June 2017, these three guys have put out a multitude of articles and podcasts for the nerd community. It wasn’t until Marty left the team that they set off to find guests for their show! They had to keep their one LISTENER happy! After some intense Craiglist stalking, Moby happened to find me and convinced Leland to let me be their first guest! This podcast covers a wide variety of topics such as:

  • The Joker Trailer and How Bad DC is Screwing Up
  • Mary Poppins? Is She The New Winter Soldier?
  • Do We Really Need Another Transformers Movie?
  • What Makes Something Objectively Bad?
  • All The Love In The World for the N64
  • Shannon becoming President of the I Love Leland Steele Fan Club.

Honestly, I had the best time with them and can’t wait to come back! While the episode is echoey, I promise the content is worth the listen. Please comment below on what was your favorite part of the podcast! I would love to hear it! Also be sure to be following The T-Hud Popcast for any other guest appearances I may make!