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Firstly, it’s boring but I need to get some admin out of the way. I am based in the UK, and with the news that we’re only going to be getting two episodes a week while Australia continue to have five, I had a decision to make regarding which schedule I adhere to with my weekly ramblings. While I’m sure there will be plenty of UK fans who will find ways of watching the episodes that are airing in Australia, I have decided to stick with the UK schedule. This is mainly so that anyone who is only going to watch two episodes a week can read these round-ups without fear of spoilers.

For anyone who is galloping ahead on the Aussie schedule, but who still wants to read, I will put the synopsis for this week’s episodes somewhere near the top so you can cast your mind back to where we are over on this side of the planet.

So, here we go for this week:


Elly faces a battle to prove her innocence. Mark and Toadie believe her, but the evidence is stacked against her and Sky is convinced that she killed Finn. Bea learns a shattering truth after being discharged from hospital. When Susan arrives at Gary’s wake, Sheila explodes, blaming her for Gary’s death.


After Elly’s revelations, Bea feels deeply betrayed. Susan’s confession that she knew about Finn and Elly’s feelings make her wonder whom she can trust. Sheila continues to hold a grudge and undermines Karl’s efforts to support Susan. David returns to work but his confidence is at a low ebb.

Gary Sends a Gift From Heaven

It was Gary’s funeral, which all happened rather unsatisfyingly off-screen due to the show not being able to tempt back old cast members, like Naomi and Xanthe. Instead we saw the funeral attendees gathering at the Canning house before and after the service. As a symbolic gesture, Sheila set all of Gary’s pigeons free and they showered the sombre group with poo as they flew away. It’s pretty appropriate for a man who was crapped on from a great height for most of his life that the congregation at his memorial service should also get crapped on from a great height. So all in all, it was quite a fitting farewell for Gary Francis Xavier Canning.

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Saint Susan Falls From Grace

Susan’s had a great number of lapses of judgement recently, and she made one more by going around to see Sheila to give her condolences. Quite why Susan, who was the person who instigated Finn’s return to Ramsay Street, thought Sheila would be pleased to see her is a bit of a mystery, and Sheila unsurprisingly gave Susan both barrels. Susan also copped an earful from Bea later, and Karl has been looking decidedly uncomfortable around her as well. It’s probably going to be a while before Susan returns to her lofty position as the moral compass of Erinsborough.

Bea Takes Things Awfully Well

Elly told Bea that there was something going on between her and Finn behind her sister’s back and Bea was initially very upset, as you would expect. She was made even more furious when Susan confessed that she’d known about Elly and Finn too. But one pep talk from Harlow later and she was asking Elly to move back in with the Kennedys, which has to be the most zen reaction to finding out your sister kissed your boyfriend I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope for Susan’s sake that everyone else on the street can take a lesson from Bea in the act of forgiveness.

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There’s a New Doctor and I Don’t Like Him

As soon as I saw this mysterious new doctor that we’ve never met before, I knew that he would almost certainly only be here to cause trouble. Sure enough, he was only around for about ten minutes before he made it quite clear he was going to throw David under the bus not once, but twice – for not noticing that Harlow was having withdrawal symptoms from her medication and for not alerting anyone about Finn’s changes in behaviour. This has to be the shortest and least successful return to work we’ve ever seen on Neighbours. Poor David went from skipping into the hospital with his stethoscope to, “I’ve made a huge mistake” in less than half an episode.


So that’s it for this week from the Northern Hemisphere, I hope everyone is doing OK!