If you were looking for an action-packed hour of on-the-edge-of-your-seat, can’t-look-away, absolutely incredible television, the latest episode of Teen Wolf probably didn’t satisfy your entertainment needs. “After Images,” while undoubtedly good and fairly revealing in terms of the direction season 6 is headed, was a bit slow and action-less. That is, unless you find the mechanics of hunting werewolves exciting – which you probably don’t because you’re watching a show in which the mass majority of main characters are werewolves. Seeing one of them injured, stalked, toyed with, trapped, used as bate, and then killed isn’t the most appealing thing in the world.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what “After Images” had on the docket. But let’s go through it anyway.

At the end of episode 12, “Raw Talent,” we knew Brett was in trouble. He may have escaped the inexperienced Monroe, but injured and on the run isn’t exactly a victory. At the beginning of “After Images,” we see Brett’s worried sister, Lori, enlist the help of Team Scott to find and save him. While Lydia, Mason, and Corey attempt to prompt a relevant vision – which even they point out isn’t always super effective – Scott, Malia, Liam, and Lori head into the woods after Brett.

Scott and friends aren’t the only ones following him, however. He also has one – no, wait – two hunters hot on his trail. While the chase starts with a scared yet determined Monroe hot on Brett’s heals, she’s quickly joined by a much deadlier predator. So who is to blame for the abhorrent treatment of your favorite supernatural teens this time? Why, Gerard of course!

Yes, he’s back and he’s as sweet and cuddly as ever…I mean hateful and conniving as always – sorry, I sometimes get those two confused.

While Brett puts up a decent fight and plays a mean game of hide-and-seek, it isn’t quite enough to lose the most maniacal werewolf killer we know. And where does his trail lead? The tunnels! Because that always turns out well.

Luckily (or not so), Scott’s crew isn’t far behind. They are getting close, but the tension grows as they realize Brett isn’t merely injured, he’s also been poisoned.

As they take pursuit and follow into the dark underworld where nothing good ever happens, it becomes clear that rescuing their friend may not be as simple as fending off an inexperienced, new hunter like they thought. After Scott falls prey to one of Gerard’s traps, he and Malia stay behind while Liam and Lori rush to find Brett before it’s too late.

Amazingly, it isn’t too late when they do finally catch up to him…sitting defenseless and in plain view.

This probably should have been an indicator that something was seriously wrong, but hot-headed, impulsive Liam doesn’t think twice about their good fortune. As Lori and Brett make a mad dash to exit the tunnels, he heads the opposite direction to fend off a supposed hunter attack. This is, of course, merely a diversion that keeps him preoccupied long enough for Gerard’s plan to play out perfectly.

Meanwhile, Scott and Malia aren’t making good time. Scott isn’t healing and Malia can’t seem to take any of his pain away. There’s a lot of back and forth with regard to whether they should or shouldn’t have called Stiles (personally, I know where I stand on this), but then the conversation takes an interesting turn. After Scott voices his concern about nearly losing Stiles the last time, Malia slips up by responding that she doesn’t want to lose Scott now. There’s a feeble attempt to backtrack, but the message is clear. There is definitely something going on between these two.

Scott confirms this further when he tells her that Stiles “would be okay…with us,” right as he passes out. Extremely alarmed and equally confused, Malia finally manages to take Scott’s pain away and they head off to save the day – but sadly, it’s too little, too late for Team Scott this round.

Not that they all weren’t trying! Even Lydia has some luck and finally gets the vision she’s been hoping for.

It doesn’t take her where she wants, however. Instead of helping with Brett’s predicament, it leads to Nolan…who happens to have just revealed that Cory isn’t exactly human to a library full of students by stabbing him in the hand with a pen. Ouch! Nothing good happening there. Let’s check back in with other pack members.

How does Gerard’s hunt end? Not happily. Liam exits the tunnels moments after Lori and Brett are run down by an SUV. As Brett lays dying in the road, a crowd gathers to find out what’s happened and see Liam – in werewolf form.

Thus, Gerard’s master plan is revealed. This time, it wasn’t so much about the hunt, but the show at the end.

As the students of Beacon Hills High School are looking askance at Corey, Lydia, and Mason, Liam’s group of onlookers now know that werewolves exist and are taking up residence in their town. The result? Fear. Unadulterated fear. Which is exactly what Gerard wants. After all, “The best way to build an army is through fear.”

And fear is something we have in abundance apparently. While the disaster that is this episode unfolds, Melissa is tasked with uncovering the mystery of the creepy, skinned body found in the last episode.

Despite its obvious deadness, it’s freaky and still tormenting our team. At the beginning of the episode, Mason admits to Liam that he’s actually seeing “after images” of it walking around. The ghastly thing even causes cool-as-a-cucumber Melissa to crack under the pressure. So much so, in fact, that she calls Argent in as reinforcements. Shockingly, even he can’t face the body alone long enough to grab a tissue sample and it takes both of them (and a gun) to get what she needs.

Their gallant bravery is in vein, however, as Melissa’s test reveals nothing about the body – like literally, because it has no DNA. What is revealed, on the other hand, is that things are still sparking between her and Argent.

He admits that he should have called after their last encounter and she agrees. He says he should go and she doesn’t agree, saying “You don’t have to.” No kiss this episode, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming.

My overall thoughts on Teen Wolf season 6, episode 13? Well, I wasn’t jumping for joy by the end. The pacing is just a tad bit slow for my liking. The content in this episode is necessary (albeit moderately predictable based on the preview), but the “slow build” mentality this season seems to have makes me anxious. There’s only seven episodes left, yet they’re making plays like it’s a long game. Teen Wolf is ending; I’m looking for more bang per episode than we’re getting.

Further, I really feel the comedic edge I’ve always loved so much about the show is lacking. This is likely in large part due to one key missing factor: Stiles. While I love all of the Teen Wolf characters, his absence always detracts from my overall enjoyment of the series. I mean, come on – who doesn’t like the show more when Stiles is in it?

So there you have it folks. We’re three episodes down in the season and things aren’t looking good for our heroes. What are your thoughts on “After Images” and what hopes do you have for the next seven episodes?

Make sure you tune in on Sunday to see what happens next!