Alright Teen Wolf folks, we’re getting closer to the final episode of the series…ever! Last week’s episode, “Triggers,” left us with quite a nail-biting, cliff hanger. Let’s take a look!

The episode opens with lots of bloody, bandaged hands. Aaron and Gabe are administering a test with all of the students of Beacon Hills, but instead of using #2 pencil, they’re using a scalpel! They’re doggedly tracking down every student and assessing how quickly they heal. Those that heal too fast? Well, that’s bad news bears for them.

Edgar is the most recent test participant and, unfortunately for him, is a werecoyote. Poor Edgar meets a sad (and frickin’ creepy!) fate when Aaron implants a spider in him…which ultimately multiplies, spreads, and causes a horrifying boil of more spiders spewing from his mouth. Yuck and double yuck. Edgar meets his final end when Monroe insists that either Nolan or Gabe “put it out of its misery.” Gabe obliges while Nolan stands by looking woozy.

In other news, the FBI doesn’t appear to be working with the hunters – at least not yet. Agent McCall interview Nolan under the watchful eyes of Monroe, who seems to be trusting the kid less and less. Honestly, I don’t blame her. He seems to be cracking pretty severely under the pressure. He doesn’t, however, spill the beans about the recently murdered werewolves from Satomi’s pack, despite Agent McCalls insistent questioning.

That brings us to “the plan” – and what a plan it was…or maybe could have been? Nothing seems to be going right for Team Scott this season, so why should this be any different? In order to gain the upper hand on the hunters, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent set their sights on the armory and Gerard’s thousands of guns. They can’t just bust in, so they have Theo and Liam play decoy to lure the majority of hunters away. Great plan, except Gerard is, as always, two steps ahead. He only sends a couple hunters to investigate, which results in some interesting improvisation.

Again, I have to take a second to admire the genius that is Theo. To convince the nearby hunters that the entire pack is nearby, he punches Liam in the face. Wham! The best part? When Liam complains, saying “You ripped my t-shirt,” and Theo responds, “And you broke my nose. Twice.” Make that three times, because Liam proceeds to punch him again!

The fight has the desired effect and Gerard brings the entire cavalry, intent on killing Liam. His goal? Sound Scott deeply so that he’s vulnerable which, in turn, will cause his pack to crumble. This is important, because I think it gives us a clue as to what to expect from tonight’s episode. Back to that in a minute.

Meanwhile, the A-Team (Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent) make their way into the Armory.

Lydia’s getting some obscure visions, but nothing concrete enough to act on…until maybe it’s too late. Scott and Malia discover the guns are gone and, in the process, end up trapped in one of the rooms.

There’s a few tense moments, but the most interesting exchange happens while Scott holds Malia down on top of him to avoid tripping a sensor. Scott’s question, “You comfortable?” definitely got a smile out of me! But because we can’t live in the land of sexual tension forever, Malia comes up with a new plan to escape through the window overhead. While she’s successful in unlocking it, she also inadvertently trips the sensor anyway and all of the air in the room is automatically sucked out.

“How long can a werewolf hold their breath?” – Lydia

The answer? Pretty long. There’s some snuggling and a few confessions on Malia’s part as they lay defenseless, hunters closing in quick. Luckily, Argent and Lydia are able to take action. Argent incapacitates the remaining hunters and Lydia uses some bad-ass banshee screaming to break through the solid steel door just in time to save the day. Together, they high-tail it out of the armory,  but not before grabbing one of Gerard’s maps to take with them.

Back at the zoo, Liam’s chosen diversion location due to it’s maze-like setup, Theo has his hands full. Now that the majority of hunters have descended upon them, the unlikely pair must play diversion and avoid dying. The task seems too much for Liam, however, who begins to lose his wolfy-cool.  In the end, he nearly kills Nolan – not that he doesn’t deserve it – but it stopped by Theo at the last second. In fact, Theo has to knock Liam out…five times!

On the car ride back to town, Theo unloads some knowledge. He theorizes that Liam’s lack of control had something to do with the Anuk-Ite. Because “people only feel one emotion at a time,” it’s likely Liam’s extreme anger and extra lack of control was due to fear.

And the fear is spreading! Quickly and violently. To regroup, Team Scott reconvenes at his house. We get a romantic moment between Scott and Malia…yep, they finally kiss!

The map the A-Team snatched tells the crew that Gerard’s plans for supernatural elimination don’t end at Beacon Hills. He’s out to kill supernatural beings all over the world. This realization is quickly followed by an announcement that Gerard has handed out his weapons to citizens of the town.

We get a two-second warning from Lydia before a storm of bullets rains down on our favorite characters.

What’s worse? The last frame shows us that someone in the crew has been shot and, if I were a betting woman, I’d say mortally wounded.

So who was it!? I’ve got a few ideas, but the one I think is most likely is…Melissa.

Yikes! I know. I hate it, but there was some pretty decent foreshadowing happening in this episode. For starters, when Gerard is explaining his plan to cripple Scott, he compares having a beta to having a child. It makes sense, then, to assume Scott would be as devastated (if not more, really) if his mother were killed. Another factor to consider is the return of Agent McCall. Frankly, Scott doesn’t need two parents involved and killing one of them off creates an element of urgency and loss as we head into the final episodes. Melissa taking a bullet would also be problematic for the team because she’s the one with medical training. If she’s seriously injured, there’s a good chance Argent (the second most likely individual to have first-aid training) sits out of the next round of fighting to try to save her. This would add an element of difficulty for our heroes, as they’d lose a very important asset against the hunters. It all just makes for a lot of exceedingly interesting television, sad though it may be.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m not sure MTV has the guts to make this play. Melissa is a fan favorite and it really would be a tough pill for watchers to swallow. With this in mind, my second choice is Agent McCall, for many of the same reasons. This is all speculation, however, and it could be any of our favorite human characters.

That said, tune in tonight to find out!