Once Upon a Time is finally returning from the midseason break! The last time we saw our heroes, Snow was under the effect of a sleeping curse placed on her and David’s collective heart, forcing them to be apart unless they can find a new way of breaking the curse. Regina and Emma were trapped in the wish realm after Robin Hood tried to rob them as they opened a portal back home. Now the portal has closed and they’re faced with a brand new version of Regina’s true love. And Rumple and Belle’s baby has been kidnapped, only to return as an adult and destined to kill Emma.

So overall, it isn’t going all that well.

Rumple, Belle, Killian and David are going to have to find a way of working together to stop Gideon killing Emma without managing to destroy each other in the process. Though seeing as Rumple is involved, that doesn’t seem likely to happen. So with the stakes growing ever higher, Regina and Emma have to find a way to escape back to Storybrooke, potentially with Regina and this new Robin Hood falling in love all over again (which frankly would be amazing, I adored their relationship and Regina deserves to be happy). In their search for love and their way back home they’re bound to discover a few new faces along the way. Along with some all too familiar ones!

So stay tuned and stick with us as magic returns to our screens and we discover just how far these characters are willing to go for their happy endings.