There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Blackjack through TV or films. Several films give you a brief insight into life inside the Blackjack world. Many of these films will feature a player who wins a fortune, making you think, “Then why can’t I win too?”, while other movies will represent a more realistic idea of the game. With the globe currently on lockdown, now is a great time to fine-tune your online gaming skills and Blackjack and other casino games can be played at the Avalon78 online casino.

 Either way, blackJack lovers find the game thrilling. Here are some of the great films that feature Blackjack. 

21 (2008)

21 was one of the most popular blackjack films, and surprisingly, it was the former name of the game. A true-life story inspired the epic movie. The film was about a group of young students who their teacher taught how to count card. After mastering the skill, they went out to play the blackjack game in Casinos in Las Vegas, under pretense, cheating the Casinos millions of dollars. 

However, 21 ended on a moral note when casino security caught them and also arrested the teacher. 

Rain Man (1988)

Rain man is a story of a guy, Charlie Babbit (Tom cruise played the role), who caters to his autistic, uniquely talented brother called Raymond (played by Dustin Hoffman). 

Raymond has a unique ability to memorize numbers and calculate them quickly. Knowing this, Charlie, who hopes to win big, took unfair advantage of the talent and tried it at the blackjack table. 

Casino bosses who became skeptical about their exceptional card counting skill had to review the security footage. 

While the movie isn’t originally a gambling film, blackjack players will likely wish they had Raymond’s skill. 

 The Hangover (2009)

The hangover is not specifically about blackjack or gambling related. The movie tells the story of a group of friends heading to Vegas. However, the film does feature a blackjack scene. 

When some gangster intentionally used their car to hit the group of friends’ car, the gangster’s boss, Mr.Chow, insisted that they pay him $80,000 in compensation. 

After Alan read the book ‘The World’s Greatest Blackjack Player”, he uses his newly acquired card counting skill to win $82,400 with Blackjack.  

License to Kill (1989)

It’s relatively impossible to mention gambling movies without talking about one of James bond’s (Timothy Dalton) series. While he heavily featured poker and Barakat, he turned in on blackjack in the epic movie titled, license to kill. The movie is mostly about martinis, villains and fast cars. However, there’s a blackjack side of the film where James bond challenged the owners to a game and won over £250,000. 

The Last Casino (2004)

Another movie which tells a story about the MIT blackjack team- the last casino was filmed in Canada. 

However, the story is similar to the film “21″, with Doug Barnes, the math teacher who takes advantage of card counting to better his odds. 

 After the casino security caught him on camera and was blacklisted, Doug couldn’t settle his debts. He, however, recruited a card-counting team (which were his students) 

 These students turned in at casinos in Quebec and Ontario to massively win back the money, until they were caught.