Combine this episode with “Plight at the Museum” and Scorpion has convinced me that it’s the new, tech-savvy Scooby Doo gang. I mean, we’ve got the leader (Walter), the comedic relief (Toby), the pretty one (Paige), the smart girl (Happy), and the adorable pet (Sylvester). Add on top of that a ridiculously convenient conflict and it’s basically the same show. The title of this episode even nods to the format of Scooby Doo movie titles (Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster, Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico, Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase, the list goes on…)!

The main reason I compare Scorpion to Scooby Doo is that as in Scooby Doo, whenever the gang goes somewhere there just so happens to be a case for them to solve. In a recent job, Team Scorpion went to a museum on a “simple job” and were instead faced with, yet again, the prospect of world destruction. This episode served similar stakes. While on a non-mission related trip to Ireland to visit Walter’s family and to pay their respects to Megan’s grave (TEARS), Walter notices a strange occurrence in the lake near the village. The extreme air temperatures in the lake caused an excess CO2 buildup that will cause the lake to explode and wipe out the village! It’s a good thing super genius Walter O’Brien just happened to be in Ireland at this time, and also just happened to be paying close attention to the lake.

Meanwhile Happy and Toby stayed behind in wake of Happy both learning that the pregnancy test was a false positive, and finally accepting Toby’s marriage proposal. The pair then hash out whether they want a large wedding or a small wedding. Toby ends up winning this round, and you can guess which side he’s on.

Meanwhile still there’s an underlying plot between Walter and Tim, and the team tries to parent trap the two into liking each other. It doesn’t work out exactly the way they would have hoped, but in the end the two bond over beating a couple of bullies from Walter’s childhood years.

The episode jumps to extreme levels of absurdity when the team manages to suck all the CO2 out of the lake but then accidentally releases it into the air, causing a massive toxic cloud to cover the village, threatening to suffocate everyone. Luckily, Walter knows the chemical that will counteract the cloud, but it requires moving mass loads of the chemical into the cloud. Tim and Walter then combine their strengths (literally) and save the day!

The episode ends with Sylvester giving Walter a symbolic, traditional stone from the lake in Ireland that represents family, saying how the whole team needs each other and it’s not just blood that creates family. AWWW! Overall this episode was a nice little nod to Megan. I’m glad we didn’t just completely forget about her. I’m excited to see the progression of the Quintis wedding and also how Waige will progress after recent events between Walter and Tim.