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If there’s one thing that all gamers have had in common since pretty much the very start of the medium’s life, it’s that none of us can agree on the best platform with which to play the games we love. From kids on the playground in the Eighties arguing about whether Mario could beat up Sonic, to people yelling at each other over the internet when comparing the PS3 and XBOX 360, the argument over what the best platform is is one that’s been going for years. But there’s one aspect of this argument that’s even bigger than all of the rest. That argument is, which is superior: console or PC. On both sides of the argument, you’ll hear people saying that their chosen platform is superior. Console die-hards will say that PC gamers are elitist and smug while PC gamers will claim that console gamers are stuck in the past playing sub-par versions of the greatest games in the world. But who’s actually right? Well, the question is actually a fair bit more complicated than that. Here are some things to consider when choosing which side of the debate you fall on.


Ever since Nintendo brought the medium back to life with the NES, home consoles have been an incredibly dominant force in the modern world. As things have advanced, the technology of home consoles has gotten more and more impressive, integrating things like streaming technology, online play, digital downloads and more. However, one thing has remained constant when it comes to console gaming, the ease of being able to just plug in and play. There’s nothing quite like sitting back on the couch and relaxing with your favorite title. Not to mention the way it lets you play with the other people in your home so easily! Of course, the trade-off for that is you’re never going to have the maximum processing or graphical power that a lot of modern games are capable of.


Then again, if that kind of high quality and fidelity is what really matters then PC really is the way to go. There’s no question that high-end gaming PCs pack far more punch than the equivalent consoles. Not only that but thanks to their infinite customizability, it’s possible to keep improving your PC for years. Not only that but your options of games are broader too. Not only do you many of the same games as the leading consoles but you can get PC exclusives, weird indie games and even iPhone and Android games like Real Racing 3 game for PC. Of course, the trade-off here is that you’re going to end up spending a pretty penny if you want a rig that’s really going to be able to do the job.

Of course, the truth is that it’s always just going to come down to personal preference no matter what. Not only that but your circumstances are going to have a big influence too. Everything from your family life to your finances will impact the kind of gaming platform you get the most out of. But whatever you choose, let’s all try and be civil with one another about it, okay? Arguing in internet comment sections and hurling insults at one another is just going to end up making us all look bad!