With the full details of Super Smash Bros Ultimate revealed at E3, Waluigi once again failed to make into the games roster of selectable characters. As a long time fan of the purple wearing string bean I couldn’t be more disappointed.


Image via @sir_stride on Twitter

I fully admit that he is more of a side character, especially as he has yet to have his own game (come on nintendo please, Super Waluigi Bros?), and it in the previous four Smash games it made sense for him not to be present. In those there were still plenty of meaningful characters that could have been added representing major franchises and characters. But by this point, there really aren’t many left to be picked. So instead of adding new characters, like Waluigi, Ultimate just brought in a all of the previous fighters from every Smash game ever. and so far only two genuinely new characters have been announced. Now, having Ice Climbers and Snake back is nice, but some of the other characters were kicked out with good reason. No one wanted Pichu back and I personally would have loved to have seen Cloud and about half of the Fire Emblem characters kicked from the roster.

It isn’t even like Waluigi doesn’t have a lot that could be added into a unique moveset with the ability to drawn from sports, kart racing, dancing, and even Mario Party. Even the way he walks about is pretty distinctive. He certainly would not be one of the dreaded clones that have plagued the franchise for so long. The Smash team have also worked with far less with characters such as Duck Hunt and even Captain Falcon.

So for now, the poor man in purple will continue to suffer. 


Image via Fawfulthegreat64 on DeviantArt