So, last time Judy lost most of the fuel in an effort to save a life. While she is gone she learns that Dr. Smith is not who she claims she is and wants to share the information with her mom. In the meantime, her parents, who successfully escaped the tar pit, are trying to get to the closest ship so they can get back home. But upon arriving at the ship, they hear engines and are informed by Victor, that he is trying to get to the mother ship, the Resolute. Victor tells Maureen about what happened and she tells him that they don’t have enough fuel to make it and they end up having to forcibly stop them from flying into the atmosphere. Because of that issue, they have to find a way to send a ship to the resolute so that they can get off this dying planet. Turns out this planet orbits too close to its star and will eventually get hotter and hotter until its an inferno. The urgency to get off this planet is doubly increased because the Resolute will be leaving soon and then the planet is going through a phase.

But don’t forget, while all of this is going on they have to deal with the Dr. Smith issue. No one knows but Don and Judy that she is corrupt. In keeping with the theme of this show, we know that the confrontation won’t go over very well if it even happens at all. So what do they do, well they leave everything to Maureen and those who are smarter to solve the conflict? So, they come up with a bright idea, to send one ship into space to save the lives of everyone else, but they have to strip the ship to lessen the weight. There is no way that this plan could be disastrous. Not the best idea, but what else can they do.

The stress is getting to everyone. But Judy hasn’t made it back to tell her mom about Dr. Smith. But as we have found out, she is a survivor and will do anything she can to preserve her own life. Hell, she knocked her own sister out to steal her identity, it is not a shock to see what she is capable of doing to strangers. But really, how are they so accepting and trusting of what she claims she is. For people so smart it seems they lack a bit of common sense. She uses each relationship that she has to her advantage and if she doesn’t have one, she will make one. So the family is working in order to get the ship ready for flight.

But low and behold Judy comes back and spills the beans but Dr. Smith has taken off with Will. Bad sign. Don West is offering his two cents and let them know that their plan is faulty and the ships are not perfect. But of course, since he is a smuggler, no one takes him seriously. Will they heed his warnings, of course not, because Maureen is a rocket scientist so she must be right? The time for reckoning for Dr. Smith is upon us, it doesn’t really go like we think it should or even how you imagined it will go. And no, I am not saying that she doesn’t believe Judy, but she has to play her cards right. When they head back to the ship to get Will, Maureen manages to lock June aka Dr. Smith, in a closet. And proceeds to leave her there. But as we know she is a master manipulator, so it is just a matter of time before she escapes.

Back to this crazy plan, John is chosen to fly to the Resolute to try and save everyone and is training for it, and somehow Don West gets dragged into. The problem with this mission is that there is a period of time when the pilots will become unconscious and they have to wake up before they blow up. Fun, right? Not at all. Absolutely no one likes this plan. But hey the planet is about to combust and the Resolute will leave them there and Will ends up talking to June. He is her ticket and he doesn’t know it yet. But it seems to me everything is going according to her plan. Although it may not look like it. Needless to say, June uses her biggest trump card, the robot. And Will sets her free.

Little does he know that his momentary feelings of pity could prove to be the biggest mistake of his life. As June attacks Maureen and ruins the flight of her husband and Don West with the explosion of the ship. See, Maureen was their navigation system, but she is knocked out. Did they survive and what is June up too now?