Photo Source: Bauhutte Japan

Bed and Accessories

For some, a couch is the best place to play video games. For others, gaming isn’t enjoyable without a proper gaming chair. Well, there’s a new entrant to this battle: a bed customized for the ultimate gamer.

This isn’t your average bed. It’s a place where you can sleep, play video games, take meals and conduct office meetings. It doesn’t come with a bathroom, though. But other than that, the Japanese Gamer bed is making a case of what gaming in the future could mean.

A Bed with Essential Accessories

Bauhutte, the company selling the gamer bed, has organized a package of several essential items. First off, it comes with a small desk where you can mount a couple of desktop monitors. 

It also features a pair of cupholders, speakers, and space to place your notebook. What’s more, there are racks to put your controllers and headphones.

But you might need to sit and stretch to grab them, noting they are placed in the bottom section of the bed. That’s a bit inconvenient for a bed geared toward helping you play video games all day while you lie on your bed.

Fortunately, the bed also comes with a rack on the head section of the bed. That means you can place your headphones and controllers right where you can pick them without having to stretch. 

An Energy Wagon and a Phone Holder



Photo Source: Bauhutte Japan

With the Japanese gamer bed, there’s no room for waking up to prepare food in the kitchen. Instead, all you need is to order snacks and drinks and store them in your energy wagon.

Bauhutte doesn’t come with recommendations on what snacks and drinks you should stock in its energy wagon. But hopefully, all gamers hoping to use the bed will stack up some healthy meals in the cart.

With enough energy packs in your wagon, you could spend your entire day beneath your gamer blanket. That’s right. The gamer bed doesn’t come just any random blanket. It features a blanket tailored for gamers—whatever that means.

On the other end, there’s a unique metallic arm that suspends above your pillow. It comes with an adjustable phone holder to help you check social media updates or play mobile games without having to hold your device.

You can also adjust the holder’s arm to bring it closer or farther away from your phone depending on your needs. For example, you could bring it closer when you want to read about cool free games on Or you could place it farther when you desire to listen to music.

A Viable Option for Gamers with Health Mobility Challenges

Think about it. The gamer bed looks unrealistic to people who can’t spend their entire day in bed. However, someone who can’t walk properly due to mobility issues might find this asset exceedingly useful. 

It’s a well-thought idea, after all, with a desk, drawers, and racks to shelf essential gaming, work, and food-related items. The bed’s only weakness is the lack of bathroom solutions. But if that’s sorted, the Japanese gamer bed is an excellent solution for people with mobility issues.