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Everyone can be a bit awkward sometimes, I know I certainly can, and last week the residents of Ramsay Street proved that they can be very awkward too. The whole week was one cringeworthy scene after another, from Harlow and Hendrix’s stunted conversations, through to wedding dress drama, an unwelcome return and a screen kiss that will, quite frankly, haunt me until my dying days.

Mark’s Nightmare

I’m sure that, along with being naked in a job interview, being confronted in public by two of your exes dressed in wedding attire is quite high on most people’s list of nightmare scenarios. Unfortunately, for a man who has proposed to as many people as Mark Brennan has, it must be in danger of happening quite often. That’s perhaps why he was pretty chilled out about seeing Elly and Paige chatting away in their wedding dresses, like it was some sort of convention for people who have been proposed to by Mark Brennan.

neighbours elly paige mark

Look at Mark’s lovely beard. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Paige had better make sure she doesn’t spill anything down her dress because I have a feeling she’s going to need it again very soon, because Mark and Paige surely must be one of the whatever preposterous number of weddings it is that we’ve been promised. I wouldn’t blame her at all if she does marry him because if a man with a beard and hair combination as lovely as that proposed to me, I’d be down to the Lassiters wedding expo quicker than you could say “I do”.

Prue’s Back

I can’t say I’m delighted by the return of Prue, but then neither is anybody else aside from Gary, and I generally take disagreeing with Gary as a sure sign that I’m making the right choices in life. Sheila and Kyle are not being particularly subtle about how they feel about Gary and Prue’s reunion and Harlow isn’t exactly doing somersaults about seeing her mum and Gary back together again either. So, it truly went down like a cup of cold sick when they announced that they were getting married, after Prue apparently proposed to Gary on a London tourist bus. Prue needs to up her proposal game, because that is not a good proposal. She should probably ask Mark Brennan for a few tips in case she ever needs to do it again. He surely has a Pinterest board full of ideas.

There is an upside to Prue being back though – at least we know that Sheila isn’t going to walk in on Gary Skyping Prue with his pants off again, and that is a good thing for absolutely everyone.

neighbours gary prue

This is whatever the opposite of a power couple is. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Roxy Chose the Wrong Dress to Staple

As an amateur seamstress myself, I was utterly horrified by the idea of stapling a dress anyway, quite apart from the fact that it was a wedding dress belonging to a person who is no longer with us, being worn on the anniversary of her death. It really doesn’t get a lot more awkward than Toadie walking into the Lassiters complex to be presented with the sight of Roxy wearing Sonya’s dress, paired with her trainers and sports bra. I seem to remember that on Sonya the dress looked bohemian and classy, but on Roxy it made her look like she was a kid picked to play the Angel Gabriel in the school nativity play.

Toadie’s meltdown was uncomfortable to watch. You can’t blame him for reacting like that, but I did die a little bit inside for poor Roxy, who had no idea she was committing such a horrible faux pas. I’m a big fan of the way Toadie apologised to her though, he’s a good egg.

neighbours roxy toadie mark kyle dipi

At least Mark’s delightful hair was there to distract from the awkwardness. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

There Was a Kiss Of Sorts

I genuinely don’t even know where to start with this. I know that soaps are filmed at quite a breakneck speed and there isn’t usually a lot of time for a multiple takes, but having witnessed the kiss between Mark Gottlieb and Lucy Robinson, I am utterly haunted by the possibility that there might be a take that was actually worse than the one they ended up showing. Lucy looked like she was trying to retract her face into her body like a tortoise, and there was about as much chemistry as there would have been if the props department had stuck googly eyes to two mops and had them kiss instead. It reminded me of those funny videos where a dog hilariously licks the food off a baby’s scrunched up little face, only way less cute and amusing.

I’m so deeply troubled by this kiss, and honestly quite scared that it’s going to replay in my mind when I close my eyes to attempt to get to sleep tonight.

Ugh. The horror.