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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×15, “The Book of War: Chapter Two.”***

Over the last two episodes, we’ve gotten to know the final boss of the season, Gravedigger. To start, Gravedigger explains to the audience what he believes in, “the truth,” and tells us why he buries every person he kills. Lynn believes Gravedigger is taking the meta formula and believes that the serum would wear off in a couple weeks on him as it wore out in a couple hours for her. Dr.Jace explains how his DNA is completed and that he could hold on to all these abilities permanently.

After leaving at the end of the last episode, Khalil is attacked by Markovian’s. With Khalil being kicked and beaten, the evil Khalil inside his head finally comes out and takes control, killing the Markovian’s.

Jefferson decides to put a team together to defeat Gravedigger. On the front line he wants himself, and ThunderGrace, while leaving Jennifer in the back as a reserve.Jennifer isn’t happy about this and Brandon doesn’t care about this mission at all, all he cares about is that Jace killed his mother, so he leaves.

Gambi is indifferent about taking it to Gravedigger and see’s it that Gravedigger isn’t exactly wrong about everything he believes. Jennifer still isn’t fond of being in the back and Gambi agrees with her as well. Nobody appears to think they can actually win.

Black Lightning and Thunder try to recruit LaLa to their team but “LaLa don’t care about nobody except LaLa.” Black Lightning tries to sell them on there being no Freeland for him to take over but LaLa thinks that would be a better hustle and tells them to get out.


Thunder and Black Lightning try to recruit LaLa to the Light Side. (Courtesy of the CW)

Lady Eve wants to get back in the ASA and a seat back at the table. Eve tells him she could bring him back if he dies but that’s not a competitive offer. Lady Eve eventually sells him with the location of the briefcase which they agree will put her back in business as the leader of the cartel.

Over the last few months, Grace’s powers have been changing her body and she’s getting stronger and stronger. Anissa thinks that Grace is evolving and Grace shows us her strength by picking up a table in Anissa’s apartment. Later, the night before the war, Anissa realizes that Grace is the one she wants to marry.

Lynn has a breakthrough. Lynn realizes that the reason why Jefferson, Anissa, and Jennifer are the only stable meta’s because they are related to the original meta, Gravedigger. Jefferson realizes that he did have a great uncle back that got captured in world war 2 and that he never actually heard of his death.

TC is having thought’s about the war and realizes that he’s never had a kiss so he tries to scam one-off of Erica down in the sanctum. Erica eventually kisses him although he wasn’t ready. Jennifer rudely interrupts and needs a favor from TC. Khalil meanwhile is fighting Evil Khalil inside his mind. Evil Khalil comes out on top this time however, locking good Khalil inside a room inside his mind. Evil Khalil then heads out to finish his mission, kill the Pierce’s.

Lynn briefs Jefferson on Gravedigger and tells him how much she appreciates his code but she also tells him that if it comes down to it, Jefferson needs to kill him to protect him or his girls.

The Pierce family and the rest of the team have a big dinner the night before they go after Gravedigger. Grace and Anissa have a big announcement to make, they are getting married. Also, they are having the wedding now and Gambi is officiating it. Lynn doesn’t understand why they are getting married, but Anissa eventually persuades her mother that she is the one.

Lady Eve meets with LaLa after he takes one of her girls. We see Lady Eve’s sensitive side as she is afraid to lose one of her twins. LaLa wants to know the identity of the guy who was the last person to see Tobias before he disappeared. LaLa ties up the doctor who last saw Tobias, but he has no information for him as he’s brutally beaten.

Gravedigger has all the information he needs on Black Lightning’s team. He knows all their powers and skills as he prepares for their attack. Gravedigger makes his way to Freeland which TC has been monitoring for Jennifer. Jennifer takes off by herself before the rest of the team gets the call that Gravedigger is at the border. Jennifer flies high in the sky delivering a mega blast to the Markovian’s and Gravedigger, thinking she can take them out by herself. She takes out the Markovian’s but Gravedigger is unaffected. Lightning uses her lightning on him but it does nothing as he sends her flying into the sky. Jefferson who is on his way, catches Jennifer in the air, saving her. Jefferson shocks her and restarts her heart before Gravedigger shows up. The episode ends as Jefferson and Gravedigger collide.


The penultimate episode of the season keeps the momentum going strong as we prepare for the final boss fight of season 3. There was a lot to like about the episode, with the characters all acting as if this was their last day on earth-prime. Anissa and Grace made a huge decision which Anissa realizes is the right thing to do no matter if this fight was coming or not. TC snags his first kiss which brought some levity to a pretty gloomy episode. Jefferson finds out he’s related to Gravedigger. Lastly, Evil Khalil is out and about to be another problem for Pierce’s in the finale. Jennifer’s decision to go in by herself is another immature, emotional decision she’s made and it’s not helping the character grow. Jennifer knows she’s the strongest but she’s the least controlled of her powers and uses her brute strength rather than her mind. It’s getting hard to stand up for her when she keeps making the same sorts of immature decisions time after time.

Watching the episode it’s actually kind of interesting to see how big the team has gotten and with LaLa and Lady Eve, the number of characters fits into this episode is outstanding. With Tobias hopefully set up to make his return in the finale it will be interesting to see how Team Black Lightning fares against Gravedigger and if it will decide to set up some sort of tease for Season 4.