Last year, NBC cancelled its time traveling show Timeless, only to renew it after three days of fan outcry. After little to no promotion, an antiquated ratings system, and a late Sunday night timeslot, season two’s ratings weren’t what the netowrk hoped for, and NBC once again cancelled Timeless after teasing a deal with Sony for over a month.

Fan engagment for Timeless is near;y constant as the show continuously trends on social media, and despite not being invited to San Diego Comic-Con, fans spent over $20,000 to rent two “HeliCLOCKtors” to fly a massive banner over the convention.

NBC claimed that part of their reasoning for cancelling the show was a “lack of fans showing up.” Clockblockers took some offense to that, and decided to show up in big bold letters. And it looks like the cast is all in for more, even though official contracts expired in June:

It looks like NBC finally heard them and has decided to bring Timeless back for a two-hour finale to at least wrap-up the cliff-hanger finale. It’s no season three… yet. If there is one thing I’ve learned watching this dramatic back and forth, it’s to never count the little show that could (and it’s fans) out.

One piece of advice for fans of the show? Watch it on Hulu. A lot. Get friends and family to watch it. And get ready to save Rufus.

Congratulations, Clockblockers!!