After being Potterless all summer with Harry Potter weekends being mia from HBO and Freeform we’ve felt incomplete. Who has time to put in dvd’s or blurays? Nothing feels better than randomly stumbling across a surprise Harry Potter weekend when flipping through channels and then getting sucked into a 4 day Harry Potter marathon!

Syfy & USA New Home For Harry Potter via Syfy’s Official Youtube

The magic returns this Friday, the 13th, at 8pm est (7 central) and will include ALL EIGHT FILMS. None of that old BS of skipping Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix because of odd licensing under Freeform and HBO. Syfy and USA will both be running the marathon with “limited commercial interuptions” and instead cross promoting their own series by including testimonials and floating head statements from stars of their original series and othersuper fams (but who isn’t?).

Harry Potter cosplayers via Syfy official’s Youtube

We actually caught wind of the marathon from a commercial featuring the lovely Jade Tailor of The Magicians doing her testimonial for the HP franchise and were so excited we hust had to share!

Harry Potter “All the Feels” via Syfy Official’a YouTube

So don’t miss out on the magic, with encore showings of the Deathly Hollows parts 1 and 2 on MondayJuly 16th starting at 2pm est and taking us up until the season 3 premiere of Wynona Earp on SYFY. Thats the first 2 movies friday night, films 1-5 Saturday, films 4-8 Sunday, then 7 & 8 again Monday. So if you need a nostalgia trip or just something good in the background you are covered this weekend!