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The big story line on last week’s Neighbours was Mackenzie and the trouble she was having at school after everyone found out she’s transgender. Before I get stuck into a round-up of last week, I just want to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying Mackenzie’s journey, and it makes me incredibly proud that Neighbours is making such positive steps to be more inclusive. Good on you, Neighbours.

Anyway, on with the round-up.

Hardcore Scrapbooking

It’s been a while since I saw the “Crazy Woman With  Scrapbook” trope on a TV show or in a film, and I’m not sure if I’m happy or annoyed to see it making an appearance on Neighbours in the form of new character, Scarlett.

Ned’s not the brightest light in Blackpool, so unlike some people, he didn’t see a crying woman wearing a wedding dress in an airport as a massive red flag, and instead went over to make friends with her.

neighbours scarlett

Would you befriend this woman? Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Sure enough, she then “randomly” turned up in Erinsborough, and brought with her the traditional psycho lady scrapbook, complete with photos with the faces scribbled out and deranged biro love hearts scrawled all over it.

She immediately started stalking Yashvi on social media and trying to stir up trouble between her and Ned. If they’re going to do the crazy scrapbook lady story line then I hope they go all out with it and she’s really batty, because I think it’d be fun to see Yashvi go toe-to-toe with a real bunny boiler.

And I’d really love to see Scarlett’s Pinterest board…

Excellent Susaning

The story line with Mackenzie has been really good so far. Georgie Stone is great, and it really shows that she’s been working closely with the writers to make her entry into the show feel authentic.

neighbours mackenzie

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Susan has a seemingly irresistible urge to attempt to help people, but she gets it wrong with her do-gooding sometimes, as she did with her ruling that Mackenzie had to use the disabled toilets instead of the female toilets. Yashvi, who also gets it wrong when she goes on a crusade sometimes, redeemed herself somewhat by organizing a peaceful protest where all the girls in the school used the disabled toilets in solidarity.

I absolutely loved how much Susan was on board with the protest, and how quickly she realized she’d made the wrong call. That was some first class Susaning.

Backstreet’s Back

neighbours hendrix

Backstreet’s Back! Photo: © Leesa Greer/Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Pierce’s son Hendrix turned up last week, and I had to double check that it was still 2019 and that we hadn’t all accidentally drifted back to about 1998.

I know that fashion is currently in the middle of some sort of ill-advised 90’s nostalgia trip, but take it from someone who lived through it the first time – some things really are better left in the past. I’m thinking specifically of skinny combat trousers, over-sized beige T-shirts and chunky gold chains here. I mean, wow. Hendrix honestly looks like he’s about to leap up and start belting out “As Long as You Love Me”. That is some really astounding wardrobe he’s got there, I can’t wait to see what he wears next…