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Last week Neighbours was all about looking back at memories, as we all look forward to the 35th anniversary spectacular. The big birthday has got everyone feeling a bit nostalgic, with some familiar faces returning to Erinsborough.

We’d already seen the return of heritage characters Jane and Lucy, but last week Mark Gottlieb returned, and he’d only been back about thirty seconds when he dropped a reference to the fact that Harold’s used to be called The Holy Roll, which is still one of my all-time favorite things from Neighbours of old. I love to see the 1980’s and 1990’s characters come back, even if it does remind me that I’ve spent far too much of my life watching this show and forces me to confront the fact that I am now, like Neighbours, as old as dust.

Mark was back to help out another, more recent, returning character in the form of Jack, who comes in at a very close second to Shaun as one of the dullest men to ever live in Erinsborough. Jack’s having some sort of crisis of faith that I honestly couldn’t care less about, and Mark came to give him some advice which I struggled to listen to because, dear god, Jack is boring. Can we just get on with the inevitable reunion between Paige and Mark now Jack is back to the ‘in’ phase of his priesthood hokey cokey?

We also looked back at Neighbours’ glorious participation in the Sydney Mardi Gras last year, by seeing a disappointingly small amount of the footage from that night in one of last week’s episodes. They managed to shoehorn this in by engineering a plot where Paul bought a Mardi Gras float for Lassiters, with Aaron and David as the stars. As happens when any character leaves the street and heads elsewhere, there were lots of touristy shots and a few celebrity cameos thrown in, which seemed to consist mostly of Aaron embarrassing himself in front of some gay icons.

neighbours aaron david courtney act

Aaron and David with guest star Courtney Act. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

But obviously, the biggest memory-based storyline from last week was Finn and his evil montage. I love a memory montage, especially an evil one. For some reason, the beeping of Elly’s baby mattress alarm sent Finn into some sort of psychopath-trance and he started to remember all the fun things from the past that he’d forgotten, like that time he got kidnapped in Colombia and the happy day when Susan pushed him off a cliff. Ahhh, memories. After the memory montage, there was much head holding and fist clenching, and a reappearance of Finn’s evil face. I cannot wait to see what havoc he’s going to wreak – I’ve seen the trailer for the 35th anniversary spectacular and, no spoilers, it looks utterly bonkers.

I’m off to cancel my entire social life for the week of March 16th…

neighbours finn

Evil Finn does his evil vlog. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy