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We open to Nancy waking up and coming downstairs to her Mom and Dad. Nancy agrees to help her Dad with a case. This is where she “meets” Nick. George is still at The Claw but totally different. Bess is at The Claw also but completely different also. Ace is there but seems the same. About the time the alarm goes off, Nancy starts noticing inconsistencies. She figures out it isn’t real and remembers her life. Back in the real world, Nick and George are trying to find, Nancy who is passed out in the bad wing of Larkspur Lane Sanitarium, as the residents are being evacuated.

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In Lala Land, The place that Nancy needs to help her father with is the place Nick wants to take her. Once there, it is a house, not a sanitarium. As Nancy explores the place she finds a door like the one in the sanitarium. When Nick tries to open the door, a ghost comes after them and leaves a mark on the floor that Nancy recognizes from the whisper box. Back in the real world, Nick needs a priest and holy water according to the fake orderly. Ace and Bess go to see the priest. He is really weird. They get the holy water but Nancy can’t be removed the room.

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In the unholy Dreamworld, Nick and Nancy go see Ryan Hudson. Nick seems to be willing to go along with what Nancy is saying even though in the reality she is in it is preposterous. Ryan says she has the key and then gives her clues to find it all of which make no sense. Nancy realizes she must search a cemetery but gets caught up in passion with Nick. Back in reality, Nick, George and the fake orderly go to get medical supplies. Ace and Bess stay behind trying to talk strength into Nancy. Hints keep dropping but so far Nancy hasn’t gotten one of them. Nancy crushes a “note” in Lala Land and it causes her to squeeze Bess’s hand back in the real world. She finds the key to no avail. As Nancy talks to her Mom and tries to sort out the messages, she remembers a map her mother drew for her. She finally figures out how to get home and is given a bonus gift.

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Does Nancy wake up? What was her bonus gift? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…