Part one of the season finale did not disappoint

Since we are at almost at the end of the season I can safely say this has been amazing season of Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see what the finale will bring.


Source: BBC America // Doctor Who

This episode shocked, made me feel the feels, and dropped my jaw all in the first fifteen minutes. The death of a major character took me by surprise and got me very curious on what would this lead this into. Then seeing Clara blackmail The Doctor made my jaw drop. We saw a side of her that we never thought could be real. And yet seeing The Doctor still help Clara due to how he feels about her made me feel the feels that Doctor Who is known of giving its viewers.

This episode takes The Doctor into a new world of the afterlife which brings the darker themes fresh story. I felt fear for The Doctor while I enjoyed seeing the Doctor being placed in a spot where he truly doesn’t know what is going on.

The ending was perfect, with no one knowing what is going and and what will happen next. This is how a part one of a two parter should be written. The discovering of the true identity of the mysterious Missy was one that I expected but the way it was deliver was in a hunting manner that seems so fitting.