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The Walking Dead made it’s long overdue return and it was dark. Can’t seem to describe that any better, we started it off with Alpha overlooking the group of dumb asses in her trap of walkers. Carol can’t do anything but just scream at Alpha. The group is stuck on a perch surrounded by walkers, which are making the way to the perch itself, time is running out and they know they have to get going. The plan to escape is to hop on rocks between the rocks to another section on the other side.

No Daryl is not going to sign autographs for your all. Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

So one by one the group makes the leap across the rocks, as expected we have some close calls, mainly by a bad ankle Kelly, but they all make it to the next section. From there most everyone is trying to relax, get prepped, or think about food and water options. Daryl tells everyone that Carol is claustrophobic, which prompts Magna to berate Carol for not thinking of that before rushing into the cave. It doesn’t take long for Magna to get stir crazy and asks to get Daryl’s lighter to go look around. While that is happening Carol and Daryl have another serious chat. Daryl tells Carol, again, that she has been reckless and needs to stop, in so many ways. While Magna is looking at possible exit points some Whisperers come to attack.

Following the attack and finding an arrow pointing where to exit the group moves ahead, and Carol’s anxiety increases. The group has to move through an extremely tiny passage, first by walking, followed by scooting on their stomachs, with lastly having to trek upwards through a tiny hole passage. They had the largest man, Jerry bringing up the rear, which for this situation did seem like a bad idea, but he was able to make his way through the first two obstacles. In the hole though, Carol freezes again and plugs the hole, until Daryl can finally talk her through it. Jerry hears something coming from behind and it is a couple walkers, they end up chomping on his shoes but with some advice from Aaron, he finally makes it out of the hole to safety.

When everyone is safe and settled, Magna notices some light coming through from the top of the cave and starts to walk towards it but is saved by Daryl from falling to a ugly walker death, which we see when Daryl lights his walker arm torch and throws it over the edge. With that everyone smartly makes their way towards the light. While others are trying to find things to dig with, Kelly finds a crate of awful sweaty dynamite and decides to pick it up like it’s nothing. Jerry smartly identifies that it is sweaty and is not stable and asks Kelly to gently put that back.

The group is about to make it’s way out of the cave when someone realizes that Carol is missing, and she took dynamite with her, so Daryl went to go find her. Not shockingly, Carol went to try to take out some of Alpha’s horde and got herself in a bad spot. Daryl is able to save her, but her stubbornness just won’t go away and she makes another effort to get the dynamite and loses hold of it. It causes an explosion that makes the entrance to start to implode. Magna and Connie go back to try to get Daryl and Carol while everyone else, minus Jerry who is holding up the brace, out. Kelly is first and yells out that the freaks are here. She and Aaron fight off Whisperers, Magna and Connie help Daryl and Carol get to the exit, then Magna goes back to fight off some Whisperers and Connie follows. After Daryl and Carol get out, Magna yells at Jerry to get out, shortly after Jerry gets out the cave crumbling causes the sweaty dynamite to explode and trap them inside. We never saw bodies, and it appears they are safe, besides, you know being buried alive in a cave with walkers and Whisperers.

Daryl does a quick attempt to clear rubble and Aaron says it would take weeks, and Kelly says that the explosion will bring walkers and Whisperers from 100 miles around and they don’t want to be here when that happens, and they can’t save their friends if they are dead. Daryl refuses to say the words that it’s Carol’s fault, even though she wants to hear it. Daryl tells everyone to go back to tell them Alpha’s horde has been found and he is going to look for another entrance. Everyone also ignores Carol on the way out.

Elsewhere, things were a different type of dark. Alpha knows that our group knows something because they were able to find the horde. She sends Gamma to tell the border patrols to keep an eye out, but she never returns. Negan has a hunch that he tells Alpha after taking a crap, literally. Later Alpha and Beta brainstorm about Gamma and come to realize it is true. So Alpha rewards Negan with sex……while still wearing her walker mask.

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