We open to Stewie and Brian in Goldman’s Pharmacy. After being kicked out because Brian is a dog, Brian accidentally becomes a hero. The Jews want to throw him a party.

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Lois and Peter are in bed. Lois keeps showing Peter pictures in a magazine that Peter doesn’t care about but as soon as she says she is going to cut her hair short Peter takes notice. He tells Lois that she is forbidden to do so. When she says he doesn’t get to forbid it, he tells Lois exactly what he gets to control about her.

Brian gets interviewed on TV about the hero business. He got honored too by the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Sizzler. While talking to Stewie Brian receives a voicemail from his old pal Shredder. Shredder wants to see Brian.

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Lois did indeed get her hair cut. DO NOT compare Lois to Anne Hathaway though. Peter is completely unhappy with the haircut and worries people will think them a lesbian couple. Peter decides to do something his appearance that Lois won’t like. Brian’s friend Shredder, who goes by George now, is doing very well for himself. He says he is doing so well because he got neutered. After Brian can’t prove him wrong he decides to get neutered also.

Lois and Peter are at war. Lois went to Peter’s work to sell homemade jewelry. In retaliation, Peter got a vomit worthy look. Then they are in a verbal war and go at it like rabbits. Peter still hates her haircut.

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How did Brian become a hero? What did Peter do to his appearance? Did Brian go through with the neutering? Watch the episode on Hulu and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…