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Marvel Gives Our First Look At Upcoming Disney+ Shows – The Superbowl TV Spot Examined!

Marvel gave us our first look at their upcoming Disney+ Shows! Let's examine them shall we?

We finally got our first look at Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ shows! 

I was certainly only expecting the first look at Falcon & The Winter Soldier, but instead, Marvel surprised and brought a look at WandaVision and Loki! Let’s take a look at what we can learn from the trailer:

A legacy in the hands of the wrong person. Photo courtesy of ComicBookMovie.com.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier

  • The first (amazing shot) shows Sam taking the shield he was given by Steve Rogers out of a tree.
  • We then see that he is/has been practicing his throwing. An emotionally impactful moment to see. I do wonder how his limitations will differ to Steve’s when it comes to wielding the shield. Especially since Steve had super strength, and Sam does not. 
  • A super quick glimpse of what seems to be an awesome wingsuit action scene! 
  • There’s a shot of our new official Captain America as he walks up to a stage during some sort of celebration. A few things to note here. One is that the Cap we see is not Sam, but John Walker (played by Russell Wyatt). The shield he is holding is identical to the one that Steve Rogers handed off to Sam—so at some point Sam loses the shield. Likely because the government wants their own officially sanctioned Captain America. 
  • Zemo is out of prison! And being confronted by Bucky! It’s a badass scene for sure, as Bucky drops bullets threateningly in front of Zemo. Why is he out of prison? Why are the two together? These important answers remain a mystery. 
  • We see Bucky walking away from Sam. He’s on a mission.
  • Bucky and Sam embrace. The setting seems to be the same as where Sam was practicing in the beginning of the trailer, and he has the shield in hand. 
Loki 2
The WandaVision family is having twins! Photo courtesy of ComicBookMovie.com.


  • “Wanda. Welcome home.” 
  • There’s so much to see in so little footage, and so much that we can’t make much sense of due to the premise of the show. 
  • Vision is the first to pop up for us, in a completely black and white look. This is without a doubt in whatever false reality that Wanda has created.
  • The footage very rapidly flashes through several Wanda looks. All represent different classic sitcom eras. It’s important to note that not all are in black and white—whatever that may mean. 
  • Finally…finally we see Wanda dressed in her classic outfit! I know it’s likely not for anything serious, and probably just for dress up in the show, but it’s still awesome to see. That Tiara needs to stay forever though. It looks incredible. 
  • Wanda & Vision are getting married! In black & white! This seems to be in the older classic sitcom era look. 
  • A very intriguing shot that starts with Wanda on the Television, but then goes to Wanda (in color) across from Vision in Thor suburban living room. Wanda is acting like she is being pushed by some force. It almost seems like they are puppets, with something else pulling the strings.
  • The idea of them creating a family, and living a suburban life, is all but confirmed. In one of the final shots (in color), there are two baby pacifiers that fly up in the air. This proves that Wanda’s two children—Wiccan and Speed—will play a role in the show, and hopefully in the future of the MCU. Why are they popping up in the air? Well it could lend credence to rumors that the twins will age rapidly.
Loki 1
Loki imprisoned once again. Photo courtesy of ComicBookMovie.com.


  • We only get one small clip from the show, but it actually reveals two really big details!
  • First, it would seem that Loki is being held, prisoner! By who though? 
  • That answer is the second thing: TVA. That’s the logo on his outfit. In the comics, that stands for the Time Variance Authority. That sounds like something that fits right at home in a show that has been revealed to showcase plenty of time traveling. 


Disney recently confirmed that Falcon & The Winter Soldier will be premiering in August, while WandaVision will premiere in December. As for Loki, we will have to wait until Spring 2021 for that. Even after that, Marvel has so much more up its sleeve when it comes to their Disney+ slate. Their other announced shows include What If?, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. Even with all those, there are so many other shows that are rumored to be in the works. Needless to say, Disney+ will be a huge part of the MCU going forward.

Personally, I’m super stoked for WandaVision, and it is easily my most anticipated MCU project. What did you guys think of the trailer? Which of the three are you most looking forward to? Make sure to comment down below with your thoughts! Also, make sure to watch the TV Spot down below once again. You know, just for good measure. 

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