By now, many people are well aware that I spend way too much of my time watching people play Dungeons and Dragons on the internet. Relics and Rarities, Harmon Quest, and Critical Role are almost always on my screen, and I enjoy every minute of it. Recently, I was watching Critical Role and heard a new sponsor of theirs that I’ve never heard of; Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

Fighting maids

Source: Screenshot of Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a turn-based adventure RPG that makes D&D open to those without a group or those looking for more ways to play their favorite game. One can assemble the perfect party with options race, including Dwarf and Elf, as well as a variety of classes. The DM guides players on a quest to find loot, craft items, engage in combat, and explore parts unknown!

Dungeon crawling

Source: Screenshot of Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Before I downloaded Knights of Pen & Paper 2, I read some reviews in which players felt that it was a pay-to-win style game. I initially had some reservations; however, I tried not to let that get in the way of my gaming experience. Let me tell you, it didn’t; the second I hit play, I was instantly drawn in by the renaissance fair-esk music and 8-bit animation. When I started playing, I was a bit lost with the game play mechanics, but as I pressed on, I quickly found myself getting into the swing of things. I enjoyed the witty banter of the DM and its unique story line. The one thing I wasn’t a fan of was how expensive it is to travel from one part of the map to the next; however, after a few rounds of combat, I was able to procure gold rather quickly. Overall, I spent quite a bit of time playing Knights of Pen & Paper 2, and I envision myself putting many more hours into it.

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I think Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is an excellent way to get people interested in D&D, especially if the pen and paper version intimidates them. It can be downloaded on PC via Steam or on mobile devices, including IOS and Android. It fits several play styles such as tactical or the ever-popular smashing of buttons (my preferred play style), and it’s just plain fun. In the end, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a great way to spend an afternoon, and I highly recommend it even if you’re not a fan of D&D.