PC gaming is an industry that has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent months as more and more people begin to use platforms such as stream and origin to play their favorite titles. But with a number of AAA titles falling victim to time constraints and lacking creativity, it is indie games that have seen a sudden surge in popularity. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not indie titles could be the future of PC gaming that no one saw coming. 

The Popularity Of Indie Games 

Though there is no set of rules for making a successful indie game, there is one unwritten rule that many developers follow. It has to be interesting. This is what makes indie games so popular with games as they provide something new and exciting for gamers. This is evident in indie titles that have now become mainstream such as Minecraft. This begum as an indie game and then developed into a game that millions of people are now playing on a daily basis. 

Successful Games To Date 


Image by allinonemovie from Pixabay

In addition to Minecraft, there are also a number of other titles that have captured the hearts and attention of gamers all over the globe. But what made them so popular? Part of what makes indie games so great is the ability to push the boundaries and create something new. This is in part down to the mainstream creative drain that many large-scale developers fall victim to. With a number of AAA development titles needing to meet very slim deadlines, this can lead to a creative strain that just is not present when looking at indie games. 

The Untitled Goose Game 

One of the most popular indie games of the last decade is the Untitled Goose Game. This is a simple yet fun indie game that involved completing tasks without being caught by humans. You can also set up pranks, honk a lot and ruin everyone’s day. This simple but enjoyable game has gained a vast amount of popularity in recent months and is now available on Xbox and PlayStation. 


Another indie game that has been highly popular in recent months is the classic Cuphead. Similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, Cuphead is heavily focused on boss battles and the ability to work through levels and unlock achievements. With a truly unique animation style as well as watercolor backgrounds and amazing jazz recordings, this is the perfect game for you. Available on PC as well as other major titles, this game is a refreshing change from other online titles.


The final indie game that has seen a vast amount of popularity is Undertale. With the perfect combination of humor, established characters and sets for each story, this is the perfect game for those looking to work through something different that will not take to long. With an average playtime of 6 hours as well as a simple to follow the storyline, you can defeat the bosses and work through the story at your own pace. 

With this in mind, each of these games had games popularity because they offer something new and exciting. This same trend is also being followed in the world of online slots as businesses are having to do more to keep gamers interested. With developers making slots based on a number of recognizable characters we have seen the development of Robin Hood slot titles as well as slot titles based around musicians such as Ozzy Osborne. This has not only helped to pique the interest of gamers, but it has helped to expand the industry in the long term. 

What Makes Indie Games So Popular? 

With this in mind what makes indie titles so popular is the level of creativity that comes along with them. They provide something different from AAA titles and do not require as much care and attention to the storyline. This is a welcome escape for those that are looking to enjoy gaming on the morning commute or in the evenings, as you can log on and play without becoming invested. It is these fasted paced games that keep people coming back, again and again, to see what new and emerging developers have to offer. 

Whether you are a fan of indie games yourself or you are just starting to look at some of the titles that are available to you we are sure you will find an indie game that you find enjoyable in the long term.