After a long wait, Castlevania fans can rejoice! Unlike the first two seasons, the second of which was released shockingly quick, season three has had us waiting in suspense for over a year. Now, we have a release date: March 5, 2020!

To celebrate the announcement director Samuel Deats crafted a poster of his own, and, quite frankly, it is utterly bad ass. 

Castlevania Poster

Samuel Deats, Powerhouse Animation

The finale of season two left us with a lot of questions despite the shockingly satisfying ending. Will Alucard cope with the crippling loneliness while he sits alone in his father’s castle? Are Trevor and Sypha really together? Unfortunately, Powerhouse Animation has not released a synopsis of the new season, so we’ll just have to wait about a month longer to get our answers. But with how long we’ve waited before, a month is nothing, right?



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