A Deep Dive Into Sunnyside

SunnySide is an open-world JRPG with social sim elements. The creators, Rainy Games, drew inspiration for their creation from classic farming sims, including Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Players can cultivate a variety of crops, some of which require special equipment. There are also unique crop variations never before seen in a farming sim. What to grow some purple turnips? Throw some compost on the soil! Looking to can those special buggers or cook a fancy meal? You can do that! The farming mechanics are more advanced than most farming RPGs out there, allowing players to have a unique experience unlike any other.

Source: SunnySide’s Game Jolt

If growing plants is not your style, there are always animals to raise. Sunnyside has them all from alpacas to chickens. With a wide range of pets and wild animals, players can befriend. Pets range from the norm, like cats or dogs, to the unusual like owls. These pets earn their keep! Dogs can be trained to feed the chickens each morning. Wild animals, like bunnies or bears, bring players unique treasures after becoming friends. Say the whole farming life is not your speed; there is also crafting, mining, fishing and combat.

With that, we cannot forget about the social aspect of this game. Players can find love with LGBTQ+ representation and even receive texts from friendly NPCs. They can even invite players to private events. NPCs are the bread and butter of Sunnyside, with each one having its unique quest storyline. They can share crafting or cooking recipes and even help defeat a boss in the mines. Each NPC and PC is equipped with a smartphone with several apps, including messaging, camera, animal care, and e-market.

Source: SunnySide Press Kit


There was a lot to unpack with the SunnySide Kickstarter. There are so many exciting elements; it was hard to condense them in one place. The animals give me giant Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life vibes, and I am digging it. They are adorable! I also find the idea of NPCs interacting with players via smartphone to be a unique element. I have played many life sims, and this extra element feels like a great way to be fully immersed in the SunnySide world. Overall, I am intrigued and looking forward to the release!

Odds and Ends

SunnySide is currently in production, with an anticipated PC released in first-quarter 2022. The team is also looking at a possible console release in second-quarter 2022. For consoles, they hope to have it on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.