The Xbox One has now been around for 5 years and since it was first released a lot of changes have been made. It can be difficult to keep up with everything and make sure you are getting the most out of playing your Xbox One and maximizing the experience; especially with such a range of games that start from fighting games like Call Of Duty to casino games like Four Kings. There are tons of hidden features on the Xbox that many users probably aren’t even aware of!

Everyone knows that you can play the best Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, but a lesser known feature is that you can actually continue playing a 360 game at the same place you left it. To do this you need to enable Cloud saving on the Xbox 360, by going to Settings>System>Storage>Cloud Saved Games and then select ‘Enable’. Next time you then play on the 360 make sure to save it and select ‘Cloud Saved Games’ for the save location. Now the next time you launch the same game on the Xbox One you will be able to access the game from the cloud, as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. 

Xbox One has now enabled players to take a screenshot of gameplay finally. Anytime you would like to do so during a game you just need to double tap the glowing Xbox button on the controller and tap the ‘Y’ button. Double tapping the Xbox button results in the Snap menu appearing and you will see a message saying ‘Press Y to take a screenshot’. If you then hit the Y button the current game screen will be captured, and this image will be available to view on the Upload app of the Xbox One. 

A very important tip for those who have recently bought an Xbox One is how to speed up the installation of games. Whenever you install a game from the disc it usually takes quite a long time. If you disconnect the Xbox One from the internet and install the game, it will be a lot quicker. This is because when you are connected to the internet the console with all download patches which makes the process of downloading the game a lot longer.

Most Xbox One users are also likely to own a smartphone but may not be aware that it can be used as a controller for the console. If you download the ‘Xbox One Smartglass’ application onto your smartphone you are then able to use the smartphone as an alternative remote for different applications and menu options. You can also then use your smartphone as a much faster way to send messages to friends on the application, rather than using the Xbox One controller. 

One key useful tip to remember also is that most issues can be resolved with a hard reset of the system. If a game won’t load, Xbox live is not working or the dashboard is slow, then hold down the power button on the front of the console for several seconds until it turns off. This turns it off completely, instead of just putting it into standby mode.