The season is getting to the end, so it’s starting to pick up again, this episode also put in a small glimpse at what could be coming next season, and the hint is in the episode name. Sherry started out on her own, setting up some supplies and an inflatable raft on the waterside. Dwight is back at the sub and calls Sherry to see where she is and to tell her they got a call on the dark horse channel. Sherry plays it off that she was on a run and tells Dwight she will go and meet him at the sub, but he says he doesn’t have time and gives the coordinates to where the message came from.

Christine Evangelista as Sherry  – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Dwight gets to Maya, the person who called on the channel until he runs out of bullets. Sherry shows up just at the right time and shoots the other walkers, so Maya doesn’t get radiation walkers on her. Maya tells them that she isn’t from the area and doesn’t quite know about the radioactive walkers. She says she came in off a boat, and her child has been missing for about three months. Dwight filled her in on what was going on in the area and felt that maybe it was in her best interest to check the tower, so he pointed her in that direction, to the shock of Sherry.

The two are ready to head back to the sub when they hear Morgan asking for help. He wants a handoff of baby Mo so he can ditch all the walkers. Unfortunately, he has lured all of Strand’s “moat” of walkers to follow him. Dwight and Sherry catch up and meet with Morgan and talk about the game plan, but they are being blasted by some of Strand’s rangers. Morgan passes off baby Mo and tells the two to leave, and Morgan lets the rangers get eaten by the walkers, and then he gets the walkers’ attention again with gunshots.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Austin Amelio as Dwight, Christine Evangelista as Sherry  – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Elsewhere, Dwight and Sherry stop inside a car wash to wait to see if any rangers follow so they can avoid them and take care of the baby. Wes confronts them, and eventually, Sherry outsmarts Wes and shoots near his horse to scare him off so they can keep on. They keep moving a bit but hide inside of a car wash to wait for Wes and the rangers to pass. While inside, Sherry opens up a bit more about what she was doing this morning, how she wasn’t on a run but really set up a raft and supplies for Dwight because she is afraid that he will do something that will have him revert back to “Savior” Dwight. Wes and a couple of rangers, though, catch up with them. Dwight, all pissed off from what Sherry just told him, asked Wes what he gets if he turns the baby over. Dwight yells at Sherry to go pick up the baby, and then he shoots the two rangers and gets in a battle with Wes, and tells Sherry to go with the baby.

Luciana passes the information where the crater is, so Morgan is slowly taking the walkers there when Alicia shows up out of nowhere. The two talk about their differing plans, but Alicia decides to relent and help Morgan lead the walkers because he followed a walker for her in the past. Meanwhile, Dwight caught up with Sherry, and they kept moving to try to keep ahead of the Rangers. Finally, they wind up finding the bunker that Teddy kept Alicia held up in. Before going inside, Sherry finally reveals why she has been acting weird, and it’s because she thinks she might be pregnant and that Dwight will do what’s best for the baby even if it isn’t what is best for him and she is afraid.

With this new information, Dwight has a little more pep in his step, and they go into the bunker. They aren’t comfortable long as the rangers start to make it inside, so they go further into the bunker. Sherry found the gun weapon that Alicia had for a few seasons and brought that with her. They were heading to the tunnel to exit. When Sherry gets an idea, what if they set the fire alarm? Would that be heard topside so Alicia and Morgan can lead the walkers inside? So they agree it’s possible, so Sherry sets the alarm off. It messes with the rangers, and Alicia picks up on the plan and leads the walkers inside, which is great as they start to tear apart the rangers. Sadly, though, all the walkers topside causes the tunnel to collapse in on Dwight and Sherry.

The two are trapped inside the tunnel that collapsed in on them, they almost seem reserved about this being the end, but they decide to look at the pregnancy test result to know. Sure enough, Sherry is pregnant! This kicks her into gear. With the help of Alicia’s old weapon and she clears through the rubble to get out of the tunnel. Morgan still plans to go far away and be safe with the baby, and Sherry proposes the raft, so that is what they do, and Alicia promises to lead everyone to attack Strand’s tower.