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The last episode Mr. Drew was arrested for murder. Specifically the murder of Lucy Sable. He was arrested because Nancy left her diary out and open and Det. Hart read it and moved on the information. Mr. Drew didn’t deny the charges. We open to someone talking to Nancy about the case trying to prep her for her father’s court.

Ace is OK! He is even coming back to work. Plus Nancy finds out that it was baneberry that caused the death of Tiffany Hudson. In all the commotion I forgot about her death. Perhaps it was because her ghost left that I forgot about her. Also, Owen got the results from the DNA test. He and Bess are first cousins and he wants the coins as proof that the Hudson’s killed Sebastian Marvin.

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Nancy wants to talk to Ace’s dad, “The Captain”. Ace brings her but is very tense about it. Nancy and the Captain agree to try to break a cipher together. Ryan Hudson is back in town. Bess, Owen, and Nick think about using Ryan to bury the Hudson’s. Nancy, on the other hand, has just made herself a target for a serial poisoner and he accepts. Nancy can’t use the cops and she has three hours to save the victim, Clair.

Ryan seems to be thinking about what Owen, Bess, and Nick were saying but Ryan is a self-serving sleaze bag and tells them to back off but gives misleading information to his mother. Nancy goes looking for Clair. Ace, George, and Nick go back her up. Nancy got herself in quite the predicament.

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Nancy is trapped with the killer and George, Nick and Ace are racing against the clock to save her.

Will she make it back out? What about Clair? Will she be saved? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…