My name is Henry Morgan. My story is a long one. Somethinghappened nearly two centuries ago, and I was transformed. My life is just like
yours except for one small difference… it never ends. Over the years, you
could say I’ve become a student of death. You see, I need to find a key to
unlock my curse. So I currently work for the New York City Medical Examiner’s
Office. It holds the largest collection of slightly chilled corpses in the
world. If your game is death, you go where the action is.”

been meaning to talk about this show for a while now so here we go. Let me
first start off with saying that I am huge nerd when it comes to procedural
dramas and some of my favourite ones are Hawaii Five-0, Castle and NCIS.
Forever adds a different twist to the procedural drama concept and it does it
remarkably well. As the premise suggests, Forever tells the story of Dr Henry
Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) a medical doctor from Britain who mysteriously gains the
power of immortality 200 years ago. Whenever Henry dies and is brought back to
life he always wakes up again in water and he is always naked which as you can
imagine causes some awkward situations. Whilst working as a medical examiner
with NYPD he starts working with detective Jo Martinez to solve cases when
Henry realises he has a stalker who also turns out to have the power of
immortality and it turns into a bit of a cat and mouse game for Henry to find
out who his stalker is without having his secret exposed. Henry lives above an
antique shop owned by his son Abe who is the only one who knows about his secret
and throughout the show we get to see flashback from Henry’s life before
present day New York.

stumbled on this show by mere coincidence when I was browsing for something new
to watch and decided to give it a try and was incredibly positively surprised.
Having only seen Ioan Gruffudd in films before it was a nice change to see him
do a TV show and not to mention the fact that he hasn’t aged a day since
Fantastic Four. He does still live up to the name Mr. Fantastic though because
that’s how brilliant his portrayal of
Henry is in the show. The show has a good balance of suspense and drama
and it never reveals too much and at the same it keeps each episode fresh and
full of surprises when some procedural dramas fail to do the same thing. Whilst
there’s a definite supernatural touch to the show, it still remains realistic and
the characters all face real problems, the supernatural part of is just sort of
lingers in the background.

Each character has time for their own storylines, both main and supporting, my
favourite being Arthur – the assistant ME. The show is witty and funny with
many memorable moments and quotes which makes it relatable to watch. I binge
watched the first 15 episodes of season one in about three days when I was
meant to be doing university work instead. It’s currently on hiatus until March
24th but this means that there is still plenty of time for you to
find the first 17 episodes and watch them which I highly recommend and you
certainly won’t be disappointed.