Cisco’s determination to ensure professionals are equipped with the right skills for their IT roles has contributed to significant changes in its program. These developments are especially critical for those who are seeking to make a shift in their career or are just starting out. 

Now, Cisco is replacing some of its credentials and exams to introduce new ones. One of the tests to be withdrawn is Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-075 Practice Test , which is the focus of this article. 

Let’s discuss this exam and its replacement so that you know what you’ll need to do before the retirement date arrives.

Exam 300-075 Important Details andIts Prompt Replacement

So, 300-075 test targets professionals intending to get certified in CCNP Collaboration. It is to be taken by candidates until February 23, 2020. To give you a hint, after this date, current CCNP Collaboration will be replaced by the new CCNP Collaboration certification efficiently coming with advanced-version exams that will be specified later on. 

It means that the updated tests for the badge will become active as of February 24, 2020, and so, you’ll be required to take new assessments leading to the new CCNP Collaboration credential. However, if you have already begun studying for the badge, you’re encouraged to proceed with the preparation as if you pass the current tests before the new exams’ date arrives, you’ll qualify for credits counting towards the newly elaborated credential. 

Other Exam 300-075 Features

Coming to the core of the article, to gain the credential at present, you’ll have to pass four tests, namely, 300-070, 300-075, 300-080, and 300-085. Now, this Cisco 300-075 certification exam which is analyzed in the post, is made up of 50-60 questions needed to be taken within 75 minutes. These essential items may include formats like simulations, fill-in-the-blank, testlet, multiple choice, simlet, and drag-and-drop.  

To take and pass the exam, here are the substantial topics that you need to study:

  • VCS control
  • Collaboration edge
  • Configuring parameters for CUCM video service
  • Describing and implementing redundancy for centralized call processing
  • Describing and configuring a multiple-spots dial plan targeting CUCM 
  • Implementing features for video mobility
  • Implementing Call control discovery, or ILS
  • Bandwidth management as well as call control implementation on CUCM 

Preparing for Exam 300-075

Between now and the retirement date of this Cisco assessment, you’re surely required to study hard if you wish to earn it with dignity. Once you know the topics of exam 300-075 you need to cover, the next step is getting the materials to help you master each and every test aspect. All your exam sources should bу reliable and helpful in giving you a clue to what you should expect in the test. This means that when you have the structure and the nature of exam questions, it will equip you with the confidence to face your test comfortably.

  • First of all, you’ll need recognized learning and training materials that cover the exam requirements as well as give you the right content to ace the test. What concerns Cisco’s valid preparation sources, these efficiently include study guides and study groups, as well as the substantial learning content in the Cisco Learning Network, besides Virtual Internet Routing lab, and training videos. 
  • Proper exam preparation also takes you to the top of the test comprehension and mastering all its topics. You’ll have to set aside other unnecessary activities to focus on what really matters to you in the process of learning. You also need to create a plan for helping you study. Without a plan, you’re most likely to slow your preparation down or give priority to things not related to your studies. This way, making the learning structured ensures you cover all the topics in proper order and time. 
  • Another important aspect of exam preparation is making sure you practice for the exam substantially until you feel ready to take it. After studying with a course, hands-on labs, or a well-elaborated study guide like the one proposed by ExamSnap below, it’s good to test the knowledge you’ve gained through practice tests.
  • When the exam day comes, concentrate on answering the questions with confidence. Make sure you read and understand the instructions before embarking on solving the tasks. Try to relax throughout the exam period as any kind of tension might lead to panic. When you stress out in the exam room, you might end up forgetting what you havestudied and even fail the exam. So, do your best to calm down and take your exam confidently.

How Practice Tests Help You Prepare and Pass Exam 300-075?

To help you feel confident and knowledgeable, practice tests from the ExamSnap website have been designed. Deeply, these are sample questions aimed at helping you test your understanding of the exam topics. In other words, these dumps are past 300-075 exam questions with relevant answers uploaded by recently passed exam candidates. Moreover, some files, known as premium, have gone through the hands of subject experts who ensure these are genuine and reliable for passing your certification test.

Importantly, the ExamSnap website is a solid spot containing a premium file for your respective exam. You only need to get its 300-075 Premium Bundle with 520 questions and answers carefully elaborated by experts in Cisco IP telephony and video and enjoy the process of qualitative preparation for your exam. Apart from that, this learning set includes an amazing study guide of 629 pages to support your test preparation. Other notable resources to get from ExamSnap are free-of-charge Cisco 300-075 exam dumps. All the files on the website are in vce format and can be opened through the VCE Exam Simulator. Hence, your exam preparation needs are going to determine which option you go for. 


Collaboration is a critical area of networking that you need to consider getting into. To grasp your CCNP Collaboration credential, you should make an effort to fostering your career in this field and stand out among your peers. You’ll be distinct also because of the skills you gain as you pursue this great Cisco 300-075 exam. Ensure you’re ready to progress in your IT specialty with the maximum effort applied andbecome an expert in networking with practice tests!