Fear the Walking Dead comes back for season 3 with two episodes back to back, Alicia, Madison and Travis are being led into the soldiers compound. Dead bodies, not walkers, but dead human bodies, arms, and legs were strewn about everywhere outside of the fences. It was a very ominous scene and you know something had to have happened or they were put there. Inside the soldiers take Travis to a different area, through the showers where the soldiers murder a civilian right in front of him. Travis is moved to a storage room perhaps, where he sees Nick across the room.

A military man, who we learn to be named Troy, asks Alicia and Madison a lot of questions in a managers type office. He asks them all sorts of questions, who they are, where they came from, who they were with, where they were going all the while taking notes. He says he likes to document everything, he tells them that he will give them some supplies and let them go after processing. The soldiers are processing and cataloging everyone that comes in, kills them, and tries to see if they can find a pattern for how long until they turn to a walker. One of the guards tells Travis that everyone in here dies, as he takes him, Nick, Luciana, and a couple other people, one who thinks they can get out but he just needed help, to the showers while killing someone in front of them as they arrive. In the office, Troy says that the girls go with him to the ranch that Travis will be released. Travis and company are able to make a play and use a turned walker to make an escape. Soldiers are on their tail, Travis ends up giving himself up, while Nick, Luciana and the third head towards the sewer system. The other man is shot, and thrown down the sewer to turn and hunt them down.

Alicia and Madison heard the gunshot from the earlier escape and get ready to attack Troy when he returns. They scramble and aren’t able to totally overtake him but Madison has him in a hold and shoves a spoon in his eye socket. In the sewers Nick is able to get to the end, but he comes out in an open area with a lot of oncoming walkers so they head back inside. Soldiers throw Travis into a big murder pit of walkers. Travis is fighting a bunch of them and is doing well. Madison takes Troy outside looking for her family while Alicia is looking in vehicles for a way out. Travis goes totally beast mode and kills what is the first group in the pit. Afterword he throws a cinder block at the leading soldier of this group, he tells Travis he needs to keep his strength as he releases the second group behind the fence.

Jack, who is Troys brother, comes to try to stop the standoff with Madison, he says he will help her and find her family if she lets Troy go. He knows that Troy probably deserved it, but Madison releases Troy after seeing she is surrounded, Troy goes after her but Jack stops him and asks Troy where her family is. In the sewers Nick is attacked by a walker, Alicia hears what is going on and looks at a vent and drops her knife down in the sewer to help, sort of like Dale and Andrea in the RV in the regular Walking Dead, Luciana grabs the knife and kills the walker while guards grab Alicia. Jack and Madison are led to where Travis is, who is helped out of the murder pit and goes after Troy, Alicia, Nick and Luciana are all brought over and reunited. The soldiers are ready to get everyone out and to the ranch where it’s “safe.” In one of the stupider, but coolest moments, one of the soldiers heard something in the walls so he removed a vent and a ton of rats came out to escape, what would they be trying to escape? Walkers of course, a walker comes and bites the soldier on his neck, and pulls him inside the wall where his neck snaps backwards as he is pulled in, pretty gruesome but I loved it.

Madison is getting things in the Humvee so they can all escape when walkers are coming from all areas and everyone has to escape as fast as they can. Travis, Alicia and Luciana are separated from Nick and Madison, Travis and the others head to the chopper, with Travis carrying Luciana, Nick and Madison are fighting for their lives when Troy saves them by shooting cover fire so they can make it to the truck. Troy shoots some walkers hanging on to the chopper and he tells Madison it’s OK they are all heading to the same place now. The chopper moves ahead, Travis is able to see that everyone on the ground got out find and tells Alicia. At this point ends your first episode(hour) of the show.

The trip starts into the night, the pilot says they are about 20 minutes out. When the helicopter starts taking some unexpected gunfire. The chopper is shot up pretty bad, and Travis ends up shot in the stomach pretty badly and has an exit wound out of his neck. He takes himself out of his seat, Alicia tries to stop him but she realizes his wound is fatal as he lets himself fall out of the chopper so he doesn’t turn to a walker in front of anyone. The chopper is losing it’s hydraulics and is going to have to land.

We finally get to see Strand, back at the hotel, people are trying to get inside for safety and insistent that they have a doctor. The inhabitants don’t want to let anyone inside at all, Strand tells the crowd that he is a doctor and they can have some of the spare rooms, it calms down the crowd. The locals don’t like it but Strand says they should be thanking him for saving them. “De nada asshole.” Shortly after that he has been able to help the new people with the ailments with no problem, until someone came in pregnant and wanted him to deliver the baby. He was hesitant at first until having a gun pulled on him and he went to work. Back at the chopper, Jake and his girlfriend, I’m guessing are talking about how long they have, that Luciana is as stable as she can get and they don’t know who shot at them and they are still out there.

The vehicle convoy arrives and asking about Jake, the man on watch says he hasn’t showed up, that’s when everyone realizes they have a problem. Troy gets out and makes Madison and Nick wait outside the gate. Jeremiah, the boss of the ranch and brothers Troy and Jake’s dad asks Madison if Travis had any reason to hijack the chopper. She says he has no reason to do that he would do everything he can to make sure Alicia arrived safe. Jeremiah decides to let them inside, Nick doesn’t trust this group at all, but Madison is hiding a gun and says don’t trust them trust her. Night has fallen, and the female pilot will have opening watch while Jake, Alicia and Luciana stay at their makeshift base camp. The pilot gives a whistle that something was wrong, Jake gives Alicia a gun and says if something happens to head that direction to the ranch. Jake goes to investigate and sees the pilot being eaten by walkers after sliding down a slope. His gun has jammed and he is having trouble killing the walkers when Alicia comes with the save killing three walkers. Jake asks for the gun so he can take care of the situation himself.

Strands actions have done really well to calm the the people, but the crew thinks that his lie is now their lie and he has to go for it, he can’t take a vehicle he has to just go now on foot. But first the nephew wants him to convince the mother from the wedding to eat. She hasn’t ate in days, he goes inside the room which is very creepy. A doll with hair is in the chair, Strand sets the food down thinking it’s a walker. The lady says Strand isn’t a doctor, self taught, she feels bad since she gave Strand that wound. Strand says the room needs some air, and he opens the stuck slider, they chat a bit, she gives him a gift, thanks him says he is an angel and walks to and right over the balcony committing suicide.

The next morning Alicia talks to Jake, she tells him that Luciana is not awake. He says it’s hours until they can get back, Alicia says she will help carry Luciana so they can make better time. When the three arrive at the ranch Madison comes to meet them and asks Alicia where Travis is, Madison has to be presented with the hard truth that Travis didn’t make it. Troy says that Luciana is going to turn and he has to end her. Nick tells Troy he can do it and takes the gun, a few moments later Nick points it on Troy and says they have to help her. Jeremiah steps in front and says that if she has a pulse she can go to the infirmary but he has to give up the gun first. Nick does reluctantly, and she is rushed to the infirmary. Madison tells Alicia to go with Nick to get looked at and she will find them later, she needs some alone time. Madison is off throwing up when Jeremiah comes to talk to her, apologize for her loss, but above that asking her to sign out a missing pistol from one of the trucks, it’s camp policy. Nick is watching Luciana, he thanks Alicia for bringing her back, and asks if she is doing OK, she isn’t, they embrace and she is balling.  Quick side bar Strand found some keys to a slick black car.

Madison has a talk with her kids, she says she is fine, she wants to stay, even if they have to take it all over. It’s fate, she than wants to know the details on Travis’s death.