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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×11: “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction.”***

Jennifer and Brandon are hanging out in the family house when Jefferson shows up. Jennifer finally comes clean about her relationship with O’Dell. She tells him about the suit, about the cell phone he gave her and about the Markovian data center that she blew up and that she killed people. Jennifer comes clean with her feelings as well saying that O’Dell made her feel special and let her use her abilities instead her parents made her feel like a freak. After the conversation, Jefferson plays the tough dad role and tells her to stay away from his daughter.

Anissa leaves Freeland to spend some time with Grace who wants to come back to Freeland but Anissa doesn’t think its the right time. Grace tells Anissa that she can control her shifting because it has to do with her abandonment issues and that being around Anissa fixes them. Anissa gets a text to come back to Freeland and brings Grace with her.


Grace wants Anissa to bring her back to Freeland. (Courtesy of the CW)

Gambi heads to Lynn’s for a vile of the cure to help TC. In return Lynn needs to get into the ASA database to check in on the kids in the pit. Gambi agrees to the plan. Sergeant Grayle, who picked up Lynn’s bag, and has been plotting against the ASA shows up at Lynn’s door after she messages him from the outside. Inside the bag is green light which Lynn uses to come up with a plan to sneak Tobias out.

At the Sanctum, Gambi gives TC the cure, which cures him. Jefferson walks in complaining about O’Dell manipulating Jennifer and that killing someone changes a person. They decide to go after O’Dell and Jefferson heads to Anissa’s house to inform her that they are now going after him.

At Bowman College, Lynn gives Sergeant Grayle a formula that she had been working on that gives him chameleon powers for one hour, this is how they are planning to sneak Tobias out.

TC wakes up to finally show Gambi who killed him, Lady Eve. After finding out his killer, Gambi isn’t too worried about Lady Eve, who he presumes is dead. Meanwhile, Black Lightning and Thunder take out 3 ASA cars before capturing Agent O’Dell. O’Dell finds out Gambi isn’t dead, and Gambi wants to torture O’Dell to get information from him. They hold him long enough for them to get the information they need. Major Grey goes to Painkiller to take out the Pierce’s and retrieve O’Dell, Painkiller says he has “Black Lightning’s heat signature,” so it won’t be hard to find him.

Jennifer takes Brandon back to the Sanctum, where she suits up and see’s the feed of O’Dell tied up. Jennifer nonchalantly tells him her dad is Black Lightning and her sister is Thunder. Brandon asks if he gets a suit and wonders what his hero name would be, claiming Geo-Force.

Lala finds out that someone in the streets has been making a lot of money and hasn’t gone to him for protection so he sends out Devonte, one of his goon’s, to make them pay. He goes to a brothel, where he take’s some pictures and finds Lady Eve. Devonte relays this information to LaLa who pays her a visit. Lala tells her he likes her hustle and he wants the whole thing. Lady Eve won’t let that happen and Lala gives her 48 hours to get some sense.

With O’Dell tied up, Lightning walks in and instantly is mad that they didn’t tell her they had him. They were just about to use O’Dells voice to call off the ASA but Painkiller finds them. As Black Lightning is going to finish Painkiller, Lightning fires at her dad and Thunder pushing them against the wall with her lightning while the ASA takes O’Dell away. Jennifer is sorry but she hits Painkiller with some lightning that knocks him out and that allows them to at least take him.


Thunder & Lightning after Lightning lets O’Dell get away. (Courtesy of the CW)

In the Pit, Lynn administers the formula to Tobias who thanks her calling her his golden goose. Lynn makes sure that he won’t run off with his chameleon powers. After they get to the rendezvous point, the car isn’t there. Tobias tries to turn on Lynn and punches her but she gave herself powers and knocks Tobias out before Grayle gets there with the car. Before they can drive off though, a Markovian knocks them both out, taking the truck with all of them inside.

In the sanctum, Jennifer is pissed that they didn’t tell her about Khalil. She tells Anissa that she won’t ever forgive her for this. Jefferson tries to diffuse the situation until TC comes bearing word that Painkiller says he loves Jennifer.


“Lynn’s Addiction,” didn’t really deal with Lynn’s addiction in any matter, but for the second week delivered a solid episode after the events of crisis. The resistance finally got their man, O’Dell, but ending the war isn’t as easy as they thought. Once again, lying is the reason why O’Dell was able to get away, with Jennifer going all Anakin Skywalker and allowing the main villain to get away. Jennifer is still too young and makes rash decisions with her abilities that still makes her a liability out in the field and is another reason why they don’t trust her fully yet.

Tobias is finally taken from the ASA and now looks like he’s going to be used as a weapon for the Markovian’s. Tobias seems to know a lot about everything so I’m not sure if he will actually work for the Markovian’s but with him in their hands and his blood a key source, the Markovian’s may finally turn the war on Freeland on it’s head. With Lala looking for him and Lady Eve alive, the streets in Freeland are going to get a lot darker.

Brandon just shouted out a major DC comics character that he may be playing, Geo-Force. Geo-Force of Markovia, in the comics, is one of the major players of the superhero team “The Outsider’s,” led by Black Lightning. While the character of Brandon is much different then the character in the comics and the show Young Justice: Outsiders, it will be interesting to see how his character develops.