Sesame Street

Photo Source: Sesame Street

As a kid born in the late ’80s my childhood was filled with the Big Yellow Bird, a Grouch, and monster who consumed cookies non-stop. It frankly came at no surprise that the only show my daughter, Marvel, would actually tolerate was nostalgia for me. In the beginning months of her life, we went through as much vintage Sesame Street I could find. I figured if I was going to watch tv it might as well be educational. Things on the street started to change when we hit the early 2010’s though. It was like Sesame Street realized that parents were stuck watching it too whether we wanted to or not. So they gave us celebrity guest spots and pop-culture spoofs. Before you start googling, yes I know celebrity spots on Sesame Street aren’t new. They’ve been doing that for years, but they started putting in celebrities that both parents and kids know. They also started doing various pop culture parodies that I personally look forward too! I’ve collected some of Marvel and I’s favorite Sesame Street parodies for you right here:

The Walking Gingerbread (The Walking Dead)

Sharing Things (Stranger Things)

Orange is the New Snack (Orange is the New Black)

 Star S’mores (Star Wars) 

Game of Chairs (Game of Thrones)

True Mud (True Blood) 

Jurassic Cookie (Jurassic Park)

The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon (Avengers)

Lord of the Crumbs (Lord of the Rings)

Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies (Harry Potter)

Sesame Street

Photo Source: Sesame Street