This episode of 9-1-1 brought us celebrations, goodbyes, a dog, nannies, a betrayal of trust, and a series of dangerous home invasions all within the hour. What could go wrong?

Mddie sits looing a little bit solemn. Her hair is curled, and she's wearing her burguny dispatch uniform with a black jacket on top. She has on a gold necklace. A white water bottle sits in front of her.
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Home Invasions was the title and the definite theme of this episode. With nannies taking over houses, Hoover the dog invading multiple houses, a coworker betraying Maddie’s trust at the dispatch center, and actual home invasions happening, it was obvious that the characters were all experiencing something new, and in some cases, scary.

The home invasions take over much of the emergency calls section of this episode, with Athena and Detective Romero doing most of the investigating. Romero eventually comes to the realization that all the home invasions are connected, by 9-1-1 calls. Every home invasion happens when the homeowner is in a hospital following an accident, so the intruders were somehow getting information from the 9-1-1 dispatchers. When they come to investigate at the dispatch center, they come to the realization that Maddie was the person who had accessed all of the calls involving the houses involved in the home invasions.

With some more investigation, it quickly comes out that Noah, the new dispatcher, had used Maddie’s password to access the calls. He says that he did it because his stepfather owed money, and he needed the money quickly. So, he had been giving the information about the houses needed to the intruders. When he finishes telling Maddie all of this, it is revealed that Maddie was wearing a mic the entire time. Noah is arrested, and gives the intruders’ next location, so Athena and Romero can catch them. This situation showed promising growth for Maddie, and it was important to see how she handled this situation versus how she would’ve in the past. Without a doubt, she’s definitely developed a couple more trust issues now.

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Back at her home, Maddie and Chimney are attempting to find a nanny who can help them with Jee-yun, and it’s definitely difficult for both of them. Magda, their latest hire, goes a little overboard in trying to make sure the house is as clean as possible. She also doesn’t even let Jee-yun go anywhere that could have germs, like having a picnic in the park. Ultimately, Maddie and Chimney both agree that having a stranger in their house as controlling as Magda is just not for them. By the end of the episode, Magda is gone, and the family of three have a picnic in the floor of their living room.

If you recall the last episode, Bobby brought Hoover the dog home to his and Athena’s house. When May comes home from a break from college, she meets Hoover and mentions that Athena’s actually allergic to dogs. It turns out Athena lied to Bobby and told him it was just a cold, so Bobby decides that it’s in everyone’s best interest to give Hoover to someone else. So, naturally, Hoover gets passed along the whole of the 118 before ending up with a family from one of the home invasions.

Hen also got a second chance at her medical school exams that she has previously failed. He professor invited her to take rounds with her, and Hen excelled. This means that Hen is now about to be in her third year of medical school.

To celebrate, a party is thrown at Bobby and Athena’s, and it is quickly realized that as exciting as this is for Hen, it also means that she’s going to have to say goodbye to the 118 and the family that they’ve created there. Memories play in a montage on a screen, and everyone ends up a tiny bit emotional. It all feels like a pretty solid goodbye, but you can never be too sure of anything on 9-1-1.