Ted, George’s little sister, is still missing. George calls Nancy to ask for help. Nancy, Bess, and Nick all show up to help. Why haven’t they gone to the police you ask? Because Ted does this sometimes. Nancy goes to the room Ted was in and smells sulfur and finds wax. She asks Nick if he does too. Because of the wax and smell, Nancy knows she was kidnapped.

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Chief McGinnis puts out an amber alert and asks for Nancy. Nancy speaks with the kidnapper from seven years ago but gets nothing. She does, however, get in touch with the kidnap victim from seven years ago, Rose. Rose tells Nancy of her dreams while kidnapped and the “tall thing” in the dark. Nancy had those dreams too.

Bess and George are all over it. Nancy heads over to see Owen. The police are on it too. Even Mr. Drew is helping. There is a tip line set up. I really think Owen likes Nancy a lot because he handed over the stuff she needed no strings. Nancy tells George, Bess, and Nick about her theory about the bad spirits. Moira Baker comes up with the police and with Nancy gang. Nancy heads over to the warehouse. Nick tries to go with her but Nancy won’t let him so Nick tells her dad. Mr. Drew meets Nancy there much to Nancy’s annoyance.

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Nancy allows her father to go with her. The more everyone finds out about the kidnappers’ motivation, the more desperate to find Ted they become. With good reason. Nancy can’t understand why with this her memory is not as sharp as usual. In the warehouse, she finds a hidden area. Mr. Drew is helping her navigate her memory. Nancy and her father find Simon’s shrine. Simon is the “tall thing” in the dark place.

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As Nancy and Mr. Drew go over what was affecting her memory and what is presently going on, Nick and George get a tip. George and Nick go to check it out. Meanwhile, Owen is asking Bess about why his aunt was speaking to her. Nancy and Mr. Drew found the altar that belongs to Simon. When Nancy lights the candle and burns the blood. Simon shows up unhappy but Nancy gets her memories back after she destroys the altar.

Is Ted found? Are her kidnappers caught? What do you think of the show so far? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…