The Flash Season 6 Poster Banner

The Flash Season 6 Poster. Photo courtesy of the official Twitter account for The Flash.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For the entirety of Crisis On Infinite Earths and Events That Occurred Prior

The big event that the show has been building towards since the beginning has finally concluded. With that conclusion came the dramatic shifting of several status quo’s, and many other changes. But where does that leave The Flash in particular? Where do we begin?

  • Well let’s start with Earth Prime! Earth Prime is where our CW shows all take place now. So that means The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and Legends of Tomorrow all take place (and have taken place) on the same Earth. That means that The Flash can regularly call on Supergirl and Black Lightning for help now!
  • An even bigger addition? The Justice League is formed! Well, I’m not so sure that they’ll be able to call it that. But Justice League, Super Friends, whatever it may be called—they’ve officially created their own team with a headquarters and all.
  • When it comes to our many friendly faces on The Flash, not much is known. There didn’t seem to be much time in the conclusion of Crisis to give any screen time to them. So most of their fates and new changes are waiting to be revealed when the show returns to air. We did at the very least see that Killer Frost is active and well (having worked with Heatwave a bit it seems), and Star Labs is still standing!
The Flash 6x06 3

Nash just needs a little faith. Photo via direct screenshot of the episode.

  • The character that we did get some real time with was Nash Wells. Who is now plagued with the weight of his mistakes. This will make for an interesting new dynamic on The Flash. I’m also happy that we were left with this version of Nash Wells, and not Pariah. 
  • Oliver Queen is Dead. At least as far as everyone on Prime Earth is concerned. Who knows how his solo series will finish out it’s run, but Oliver Queen is no more.
  • The upcoming CW show Stargirl (formerly a DCU exclusive) is now set on Earth-2. Which begs the question: will we ever find out what happened to Harrison and Jessie?
  • It’s worth noting that amazing Ezra Miller cameo! Which establishes the DCEU as part of the multiverse. It was a cameo that technically, due to the event’s plot, shouldn’t have been able to happen. But I’ll let it slide. Also, does this mean more crossovers can happen in the future with the DCEU? Probably not. But one can dream. 
  • I really wish that the show runners used this big reset to properly form The Rogues as a big antagonist force. But it doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards—with Weather Witch still a thing, and Mick still very clearly team Legends. Who knows what the future holds though! 
  • Where is Reverse Flash you ask? That’s a damn good question. His absence in the big crossover was certainly noticed, and it was sad to not have him there. I’m sure he’ll be back in no time to make Barry’s life hell once again. 
The Flash 6x02 1

Team Flash running away from their doom. Photo taken directly from the episode via Screenshot.

  • Barry’s big vanishing act that has been teased since the beginning of the show, seems to have been what was shown in part 3. A situation that was rather simply avoided, with a different Flash making the fatal sacrifice. It is a little disappointing that that was all they had in regards to that. However, the show hasn’t come back yet—so we don’t fully have a grasp on where everything stands. 

For the most part, that’s all the notable changes and new status quo’s revealed when it comes to The Flash’s flagship show. I’m sure plenty more will be revealed when the show comes back. After all, you don’t just restart all of existence without any bumps in the road 



Special Note: We’ve had to resort to taking direct screenshots of the episode ourselves and/or repeated and unrelated Flash images due to the CW Network failing to provide adequate photos for proper coverage. 


You can catch The Flash as it airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 9pm EST!