Photo: © Channel 5 Source: DigitalSpy.

It’s time for my first proper round-up of 2020, and it seems I’m starting the year off by getting annoyed by most of the people on Ramsay Street. Everyone’s new year’s resolutions seem to have been to start acting like a bunch of absolute muppets, I just don’t know what’s going on in Erinsborough.

So in no particular order, here are the people who’ve wound me up this week.

Dipi’s Double Standards

I’m sure I’ve whinged about Dipi’s double standards before. There was the whole thing with Toadie and Kirsha where Dipi is allowed to interfere in everyone else’s business, but if someone interferes in her life, it’s treated like they’ve committed the crime of the century. The current thing she’s being extremely hypocritical about is Shane’s friendship with Roxy. Shane and Roxy get on really well and they’ve confided in each other a lot while working at The Waterhole. Shane really had Roxy’s back over the whole kidney donation debacle, but Dipi is getting jealous and suspicious of Shane’s relationship with her. So it’s OK for Dipi to be really good friends with Gary, and in fact she flew off the handle at Shane when he was a bit jealous about it, but it’s not OK for Shane to have a female friend?

If I was Dipi, I might be concerned by how needy Roxy is becoming, and I might say to Shane that perhaps he needs to be careful about allowing Roxy to rely on him too much, because he has other responsibilities and he’s not always going to be there for her, but I wouldn’t automatically jump to the conclusion that they’re going to have an affair, which seems to be where Dipi’s mind is going.

On a related note, I’m enjoying Roxy and Shane’s friendship, because he’s become a bit of a father figure to her and it’s cute, but I have a strong feeling the writers are going to make it seedy, and I’m going to be so sad.

neighbours dipi shane gary

Dipi and Shane clash over Roxy, while Gary just stands there being useless Photo: © Channel 5 Source: DigitalSpy.

Shelia Is Taking Sides

It’s rare that I criticise Sheila because she’s a stone cold legend, but she’s taking sides with Dipi on the Shane/Roxy issue, and I think it’s unprofessional. She’s separated them on their shifts, and she’s pretending that it’s as a result of when they doctored the customer satisfaction surveys, but she didn’t enact the separation until way after that happened, not until Dipi had moaned to her about how much time Shane and Roxy were spending time together. Sheila and Dipi are friends, and I get that Sheila is trying to be supportive, but it’s out of order.

Hendrix Take Two Steps Forward And Three Back

Hendrix has been getting slightly less annoying since Christmas, but then he went and stole one of Chloe’s saucy photos, which was decidedly not OK. But before I say anything else about that, can we talk about how weird it was for Ned to slide up to Chloe at work and suggest that she took some photos in the nip? If one of my work colleagues said something like that to me I would be backing away from them as quickly as possible.

Anyway, Hendrix did at least realise that what he did was wrong, and he tried to fix it, but I’m just so frustrated with him for doing it in the first place. I’m also frustrated with the way Pierce handled it, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to tackle all the many, many ways that he’s failing Hendrix as a parent.

neighbours hendrix chloe

Hendrix is still being a bit of an idiot with Chloe Photo: © Channel 5 Source: DigitalSpy.

Finn And Elly Boredom

I have limited patience for Elly anyway, but all this mooning over Finn is driving me crackers. I’m loving the way that they are dressing Elly and not having her perfectly preened because it’s a way more realistic portrayal of a new mum than TV shows usually manage, but what is unrealistic is her having a crush on her sister’s boyfriend WHO IS MENTALLY NINETEEN. That surely would be pretty low on the list of priorities for most new mothers? I’m not even looking after a newborn, and I don’t think I could muster enough energy to crush on a faux teenager.

So this isn’t all just one big moan, I’m going to end on a positive note – the way that Kyle, Aaron and David have been working as a team to look after Aster is beyond cute. It’s lovely to see men being enthusiastic, hands-on caregivers in a TV show and I am here for it. At least there are a few people on Neighbours who haven’t resolved to be awful for 2020…