Source: Nerdist

  1. It’s great to see Jamie in a leadership role.
  2. Aww  poor willy got married!
  3. Dougal youre trying too hard
  4. JFC Dougal…
  5. These poor boys got no clue
  6. Also i love murtagh
  7. YAY TRAINING MONTAGE! For basically an hour!
  8. This is a nice change
  9. Black pudding is gross
  10. You’re not ready, Claire
  11. Claire, quit lying, you’re not fine.
  12. This training bit illustrates everything that fucked the highlanders
  13. Jamie beat William Wallace’s speech. Just saying’
  14. I want his jacket
  15. This is not “OUR FREEDOM!!!” but I mean it’s way  more realistic
  16. Fuckin’ Dougal and your highland charge
  17. One day those boys will stand in a line
  18. Dayum Jamie. “Fuck off Dougal”
  19. Claire has no time for Dougal’s shit
  20. Claire had a good fight, Dougal;’s was better. “Anything to see a Stewart back…:
  21. Bless this episode. The last one was SO DULL
  22. Claire isn’t herself… Thank you Starz for showing PTSD in women
  23. Yay medicine for Claire to have a distraction and purpose.
  24. Cocky soldiers never change
  25. I want to hear more of Rupert’s dirty jokes
  26. Wow great sentries
  27. Fuckin’ Dougal just can’t follow orders
  28. Dammit, Jamie
  29. Claire is not doing well. Why is no one seeing how bad it is?
  30. Well shit.
  32. “Be back for you” is code for “Im about to die”
  33. Aw Jamie. Always lookin out for his lady
  34. I get it, but you can’t ask her to go home again, Jamie
  35. Uh oh who dis kid?
  36. Gonna be a dead kid
  37. Why you creepin’ William Grey?
  38. AW Red Jamie has a nickname
  39. Bless Claire for this moment fighting for her honor
  41. Claire you started it, dont be salty
  42. Aw spare the ungrateful boy
  43. Jamie can you even feel that shit through your scar tissue?
  44. I mean… well done you, leadership wise… but damn
  45. Wow no one wants to see Jamie’s lashes
  46. YAY go be troublemakers for the Brits!!!
  47. FUCKIN’ DOUGAL ← my refrain this season
  48. Yes! Steal the wheels! ^5 My Scotch pals!
  49. Oh look they can march!
  50. I need more kilted men