Let’s start out by remembering the dead. Good bye Gloria, you left us way to early.  #Undeadlivesmatter

So what a great first episode, record breaking numbers. I watched this episode knowing that it wasn’t going to come our running action packed, it has to set you up for what’s to come.

I also at first was excited that we might learn what caused the outbreak, but then I thought back, and all of our crew from the original minus Rick, was around from the beginning of the outbreak and survived. Outside of Eugene’s crazy idea to survive nobody else has mentioned knowledge of the outbreak so I am starting to think we won’t know what happens in this as well.

I enjoyed how we saw signs of the action for the future, I liked how the majority of the main characters saw the walker in all it’s gore and glory.
I hate however it seems nobody has heard of George Romero movies, any zombie movie ever, or acts like they have never played Call of Duty zombies. I see myself yelling at the screen, “it’s a zombie, don’t waste your bullets, go for the head!”

Now we move to some big news! Is the Walking Dead brand breaking borders yet again? If you haven’t watched the webisodes for the Walking Dead, they did some short snippets that shows you how the bicycle walker became the bicycle walker, or how the hospital door was chained shut with “don’t open dead inside.”

But Fear the Walking Dead is taking it to another level, they have announced that the webisode series will have a 30 minute stand alone episode on a walker outbreak on a plane in air, but not only that but a survivor, or maybe THE survivor of that webisode will be joining the Fear the Walking Dead cast for season 2! I don’t know about you but that sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear about future developments on that!

When I get more information I’ll pass that along, remember I’ll be live tweeting with you 9 pm pacific time, perhaps earlier to answer some questions. Stay alive until next time! – Jon