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Fresh Off the Boat Returns Tonight!…But What About The Future?

It’s been an empty few weeks as Fresh Off the Boat has been on hiatus since their Chinese New Year episode, but the Huang family returns with season 4 episode 17 “Let Me Go, Bro” on February 27th.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
Unfortunately, we then have to wait again until March 13th for episode 18 “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. Then season 4 will come to an end with its finale March 20th.


However, ABC is keeping us in the dark on whether our favorite Florida family will receive a 5th season or be cancelled indefinitely. You can track the news here, but to summarize the situation: viewership for season 4 kept pace with season 3. Other concerns are that a family show is dealing with its child actors entering their teen years,  and you could see the writers experimenting with evolving the show and characters throughout season 4, with mixed success which could be a problem in obtaining a renewal. The boys’ comfort, needs, happiness, and family influence could become problematic for the show’s future, but only time will tell.
Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
Fingers crossed we hear good news and have a confirmed season 5 quickly after the finale, but we expect news to come around May which is when we got news that season 4 got renwed in 2017.

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