Photo Source: Fox // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Who better to cast as Amy Santiago’s puzzle master crush Vin Stermley than her REAL-LIFE husband, David Fumero?!

That’s just so fun. Okay, now that I’ve hooked you all with that fun fact, let’s get on with the review.

Amy, unsurprisingly, passed her sargeant’s exam, so Jake wanted to make her last case as a detective an exciting one. He happened upon an arson case connected to the New York Times puzzle maker, Vin Stermley. Jake figured he’s be some nerd, but he’s actually a total beefcake, and this made Jake jealous…even if he didn’t want to admit it. Amy and Vin connected seamlessly, putting clues together, solving anagrams, etc. Jake was the total third wheel. He even followed a bum lead against Amy and Vin’s hunch because he wanted to be right so badly! In the end, though, his honestly with Amy led him to find the real arsonist…a Vin stalker-fan who planned to threaten him with “Marry me or I’ll kill you” (a fire for each letter)! Amy reassured Jake that he is definitely smart enough for her…he’s a fantastic detective.

Back at the 99, Terry bought a new tricked out police car, and Rosa, Scully, Hitchcock, and him all wanted it. While at first, Terry resulted to trickery to pick his name out of a hat to “win” it, Rosa let him have it end the end, because of everything he does for the rest of the 99. He deserves that nice car.

And finally, Holt and his campaign manager (?), Gina, are ready to fight for the position of NYPD commissioner. While, at first, he thought he’d just have to beat out some old fogies, a young innovative female captain joined the race and shook him up. When Holt mentioned her to a man on the selection committee, he assured Holt that they’d never actually pick a female commissioner. This offended Holt, because he was once so judged for who he is, so he refused to speak to a biased committee. Now, he and the female captain are frenemies and exchanging the most awkward of burns. It’s sure to be an exciting race going forward!