David and Patrick are running into hurdles as they begin their wedding planning. Photo source: CBC

The beginning of the end is upon us. I am of course referring to the end of the unparalleled comedy, Schitt’s Creek. As creator Dan Levy announced last year, the sixth season will be our final installment of the Rose family, and this past week we got our first episode in what is sadly the last season of this outstanding show.The season premieres with the Rose family the night after the big Cabaret show that ended season five. David and Patrick are moving forward with their wedding plans and are going sightseeing to find a venue, Alexis is bewildered with suitcases and boarding passes as she readies for her trip to the Galapagos with Ted, and John is left caring for a devastated Moira still mourning over the implosion of her new movie.On its own, it doesn’t sound like a particularly riveting plot for our favorite family, more like dipping a toe into the story of the end instead of just diving in, but what makes the episode is the self-inflicted trademark Rose drama we’ve come to know and love. Alexis is insulted that David asked their parents and Stevie to join him in the wedding planning but didn’t ask her to come with them to tour venues and manages to rectify the slight by guilting Patrick into inviting her, and then also giving her a ride to the airport afterward as well. They might as well, right? The couple heads to the picturesque venue with Alexis and Stevie and it doesn’t take long for David to fall in love with the location. It looks like a miniature castle crossed with a country club and near a local farm that provides fresh food for the guests, perfectly on-brand for our groomzilla. There’s only one catch, the price. But just as this daydream begins to slip away a miracle appears in the form of a canceled wedding that has left an empty date only one month away but with a steep discount. Of course, in one month Alexis will still be in the Galapagos and won’t be able to be there for the wedding, a fact that initially doesn’t seem to be a deal-breaker for David. Instead, it’s Patrick who puts his foot down and insists they cannot get married without Alexis. Alexis storms out, David is disappointed, and Stevie’s enjoying the drama, just like how most wedding planning goes. Turning back to the heartbroken Moira, her days of isolating herself in the motel closet come to an end when Roland starts a fire in the adjacent motel room and the smoke combined with the jammed closet door sends her into a panic. Though she manages to survive what she considers a near-death experience she comes through with a new outlook on her recent fortunes. Namely that she is done with the entertainment industry. Working within the industry for decades she is sick of the way she is being treated and wants to spend her time enjoying her life with John from now on. Which brings us to one of the most prolonged moments in this series. Moira and John decide to take a picnic and finally see the creek their town is named after. It took six seasons for us to actually get a glimpse of Schitt’s Creek and while it mostly looks like any other creek you may see, it’s nice that they finally threw us that bone. As far as I’m concerned that alone made the episode worth watching. Yet, Moira and John visiting the creek was never going to be a peaceful trip. Moira, still in high spirits from her new take on life, suggests they take a skinny dip in the creek. However, it won’t be official until she tells her agent that she’s out for good, and while she makes the phone call she tells John to get started without her. Cut to a soaking wet John and another man finding Moira a while later on her phone. The other man is an off duty officer who caught John for indecent exposure and while Moira persuades him to overlook his misdemeanor, her news is even more surprising. The Crows movie is back and will be released on a streaming site, meaning Moira is back in the acting game we knew she was never really going to leave. John may be peeved about the creek situation but he’s still happy for his wife. Hopefully, this means the end of them playing see-saw with Moira’s career. Just let her be successful already. She deserves that much at least! Meanwhile, Alexis and David have their own patch-up to do. Between these two Schitt’s Creek has created what is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of the pettiness and affection that define a sibling relationship. Case in point, we can tell Alexis is hurt by David not including him in his wedding plans, David is hurt that Alexis is so eager for her trip and to get away from them, and both of them are too damn proud to stop this cycle. If someone who is an only child doesn’t realize what siblings do from here let me tell you, they get creative. Or in this case, lucky. Alexis realizes her ticket actually doesn’t leave for another month, meaning that David can have his perfect wedding in his perfect venue after all, and yet when David comes to offer the best apology-like barrage of statements he can think of she generously offers to push back her trip a month to give him his dream wedding date. A tactic that David sees through within seconds and before Alexis even admits it he’s guessed the truth. Siblings are just ruthless. They forgive each other quick enough and it would all end happily if David hadn’t learned that the discount the venue offers on Sunday is because that’s when the nearby farm slaughters their pigs that day, which you can absolutely hear. The star venue gets axed and it’s back to the motel for a family dinner, which gives Patrick the idea to hold the wedding at the Rosebud Motel since it means so much to the family. David is surprised but promises to think about it. As far as season premieres go it was decently funny but not too exciting. If anything it sets to establish that the tone of this final season will likely mirror the last two, namely in focusing less on the comedic elements of the show and more about the growing relationships between this family. It may feel like a soft opening to the sixth season but regular viewers know it’s only going to get more dramatic, ridiculous, and heartfelt from here. We should enjoy these light care-free episodes while they last.