Rejoice oh geeks for this is the 21st century, and from the IT Crowd to Big Bang Theory, the small and big screen, Netflix and HBO are crawling with geeky shows! They are all meticulously made, up to the latest standards of geekdom and worth praise or two. 

Today, we will go through some awesome shows out there. If you are a geek, you will definitely appreciate our things on the list. Geek culture is just so much fun. It’s everywhere – on TV in board games shops and even at online casinos, as in, a top venue with some outstanding and wacky reviews.

The Big Bang Theory

Geeks love it and hate it. The truth is, The Big Bang Theory has it all wrong. The cringeworthy Star Trek reference, the complete debauchery of ANY video game, mind you! How can they have it so wrong?

What about board games? Perish the thought! The cast has no conscience, and neither do the scriptwriters. We mean – seriously, characters in World of Warcraft can be intimate with each other?

There are so many moments in this show that get geek references liable wrong! But no, we won’t judge the show, because it’s fun, it’s smart, it’s quick with the wit as Sheldon once said about Howard after he ratted him out to the FBI!

The IT Crowd

Now, this is a proper geeky show. The characters are all very genuine and trustworthy, sweet, and naive. You will get them doing all sorts of things, be embarrassingly inept – in a true British fashion. 

But this is what you get for watching a top British show after all! There’s not only the heartfelt accuracy of the jokes but also the characters who aren’t afraid to be entirely geeky for your viewing pleasure.

It goes well beyond that. Everyone in the show is believable and perhaps even relatable. Well, the show exaggerates a bit, but it does so very well, and it makes everything come together nicely. The IT Crowd is one idea more ‘authentic’ geeky show than TBBT, but if you want a more ‘polished’ and ‘less awkward’ geeky show, then TBBT might be your pick.

If you want to enjoy some very authentic viewing experience, stick to the IT Crowd, and WATCH OUT – you can break the internet! 

Mr. Robot

Now, this is not your traditional geeky show. There’s tons of conspiracy and an affable main character who is annoyed by his demons and who’s a do-gooder, desperately in love with his childhood friend who keeps hooking up with jerks.

The show is every bit as suspenseful as you would need it to be to offer a tremendous overall geeky language. There is the hacking, conspiracies, and the murderous double-agents in the government and every institution out there.

You don’t want to mess with Asian triads – you don’t!

The Flash!

Berry Allen is back in the leading role, and he will not disappoint. This is another polished version of the geek culture, but trust us when we say this – we are okay with it, and we can stomach the shortcomings without any grudges.

Yes, there are some very implausible plot twists, but hey – isn’t this what everything is about? For better or for worse, you will want to stick with the show. 

The show is an absolute gem, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow it as an avid fan. In fact, it’s safe to say that this is indeed the best rendition of the Flash series we have ever had the pleasure to see!